A Happy Gobble To You

I meant to write a post yesterday but fell asleep before I could make it to the computer. In my defense, the sheets were freshly washed (mostly—Appa does sleep in the bed so ‘freshly washed’ still means lightly sprinkled with dog hair and particles from outside. I know. Gross.) and I’d only planned on lying down for a few seconds. That multiplied to two hours somehow and then there was laundry and watching The Flash and a holiday cranberry sub and even more sleep.

And here we are.

I try to write my Wednesday posts on Sundays because starting the work week with a healthy dose of self-inflicted anxiety is always fun. By the time Monday comes *cough today cough* I’m freaked out if I haven’t at least started a few sentences. A thought. Something. Thankfully, during a particularly slow moment at work earlier, I lost interest and started to write this instead. My Thanksgiving post 😊

There’s not much to it except – I hope you have a great holiday! I will be spending mine with Batman and the family eating yummy things and consuming several, several glasses of wine (as is tradition in our house). I hope you do the same, but with your own family (it’d be weird if you came to my sister’s house. We’d still welcome you, but it’d be cool if you brought pie).


P.S. – it’s December next week, guys. DECEMBER.  Anyone else feeling the anxiety chills of Christmas rapidly approaching?

2 thoughts on “A Happy Gobble To You

  1. C.D. Gallant-King says:

    Hey, I get it. With pets (and small kids), “freshly-washed” and “clean” are relative terms. The second something comes out of the dryer it begins its descent down the “relative-cleanliness” scale.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Mason T. Matchak says:

    If I was going to spontaneously show up at your house, it would totally be with a pie. 😛 Not that I would – I don’t have anxiety about the approaching Christmas because I have anxiety about damn near everything. But hey, happy holidays. ^_^

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