I did it. I committed the cardinal rule no indie-author should commit: genre-hopping.

Ah, fuck it.

I also took part in a heist to steal a paper-mache condom statue back in college—and I’m still thriving. Look, dear readers, my goal is to write you awesome stories, but they each keep ping-ponging between fantasy (urban and regular), contemporary, and sci-fi (all romance!) Hope that won’t be a problem? If any of the genres aren’t your thing—no worries. It’s all good. But if it’s been a hot minute since I wrote the genre you do like, it’s probably next on my list. I promise.

With that said, please explore my genre-hopping to find the next book series you’re going to love. 

Arizal Wars – Science Fiction Romance (5 BOOK SERIES)

Let’s start with the original. I’m talking the OG – first series I ever wrote with the HIGHLY anticipated fifth and final book coming soon! Readers, I present to you, the Arizal Wars Series.

After an injury she can’t remember, Fallon awakes to discover Earth has been destroyed. Taken to her new home on Harrizel, she meets Reid and a crew of others who don’t trust their new hosts, especially with all the disappearances. Together with their friends, Fallon and Reid travel across different planets, assisting in a multi-world war that involves monsters, monarchs, and centuries-old prophecies, all while Fallon learns about herself, her family, and her connection to it all.

Better Than This – Contemporary Romance (3 BOOK SERIES)

Science Fiction not really your thing? Maybe you like to escape reality within reality, so all those pipe-dreams seem possible? Dude – me too. And what girl doesn’t dream about falling in love with the world’s most swoon-worthy musician? But to be able to claim him and spend your life being his muse? Could that ever be possible?

Check out Better Than This for your chance to live this story. Prepare for a contemporary romance featuring first loves, second chances, and a Rockstar backdrop sure to make your heart combust.

An embarrassing middle school incident keeps Alex Wolf and Autumn Sommers apart until they’re paired on a high school project in which they must pretend to be in a relationship. Both want to get through it until they begin working together, quickly discovering there might be some truth to the façade. But when Alex reveals a few secrets about his life, Autumn isn’t sure they’re able to get past them, leading to a decision that affects the next eight years, and a band fanbase of millions.

The Coyote and the Claw & Companion Series – Urban Fantasy Romance

And here we are, a quasi-combination of both. Who knows? This might be your thing…and you don’t even know it!

The Coyote And The Claw – (3 BOOK SERIES)

When Nikolai steals June’s revenge in error, he makes her a deal—his help for hers. Known as Black Coyote and Quick Claw, the vigilantes join forces to stop crime in their city, but neither expect the monstrous new danger threatening their home—or the growing feelings between them. Together with a band of other crime-fighters, Nikolai and June work to save their city, all while discovering the truth about themselves—and each other.

The Coyote And The Coyote Companion Series – (3 BOOK SERIES)

Robin Drake hates Grayson Knight…until she ends up kissing him. Previously mortal-enemies, the daughter of the police sergeant finds herself dating the last person she expects. Then she discovers his secret—and what it means to their relationship. Together, Robin and Grayson fight to stay together, while battling the new danger that threatens their city.

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