I did it. I committed the cardinal rule no indie-author should commit: genre-hopping.

Ah, fuck it.

I also took part in a heist to steal a paper-mache condom statue back in college—and I’m still thriving. Look, dear readers, my goal is to write you awesome stories, but they each keep ping-ponging between fantasy (urban and regular), contemporary, and sci-fi (all romance!) Hope that won’t be a problem? If any of the genres aren’t your thing—no worries. It’s all good. But if it’s been a hot minute since I wrote the genre you do like, it’s probably next on my list. I promise.

With that said, please explore my genre-hopping to find the next book series you’re going to love. 

Arizal Wars – Science Fiction Romance

Let’s start with the original. I’m talking the OG – first series I ever wrote with the HIGHLY anticipated fifth and final book coming soon! Readers, I present to you, the Arizal Wars Series.

Better Than This – Contemporary Romance

Science Fiction not really your thing? Maybe you like to escape reality within reality, so all those pipe-dreams seem possible? Dude – me too. And what girl doesn’t dream about falling in love with the world’s most swoon-worthy musician? But to be able to claim him and spend your life being his muse? Could that ever be possible?

Check out Better Than This for your chance to live this story. Prepare for a contemporary romance featuring first loves, second chances, and a Rockstar backdrop sure to make your heart combust.

The Coyote and the Claw & Companion Series – Urban Fantasy Romance

If you’re not feeling science-fiction but do need to escape the cages of contemporary, what about…fantasy? Now that’s a genre I can get on board with! Not only is it my favorite to write, but I love how practically anything can go. For my first published fantasy series, I’ve decided (or my characters told me) it’s going to be urban-fantasy. Not only that – there are going to be SUPERHEROES.

Y’all – I can’t wait.

Pre-order goes live in November for the first novella to start the rollercoaster of SIX books (two series!) of new superheroes coming your way. Ladies and gentlemen and everyone else, I present to you, The Coyote and the Claw series.


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