This Post is About Burps. And Food.

Today I listened to a coworker belch for over an hour.

This is my life.

I don’t just mean he burped, pardoned himself, and I went on living my life in relative peace. No. No that’s not at all what happened. There was a mighty drum of epic grossness and it bellowed—literally bellowed—like a stomach troll hitting a gong. Loud and wet and sloppy. Over and over and over again. And by the seventh—eighth? Ninth?—mega-belch, I was done. Totally—and justifiably, I think—grossed out. I’m not sure why the belch-fest had to occur the ENTIRE HOUR BEFORE MY LUNCH, but it did, which meant I was only able to pick at my pre-made salad instead of diving into it like I should’ve while gorging over Harry and Megan engagement details. All because someone made the wrong decision on a late breakfast.

But other than that, all food things have been okay. In fact, I ate a lot of it last week for Thanksgiving 🙂 Free food and time with family (and booze)—how could anyone not enjoy themselves? I made a tomato-feta salad and a “noodle pudding” which is actually a Jewish dish but I’m drawing a blank on the name. They go over well whenever I make them (and Batman and I gobble up the leftovers) so it’s a win-win.

What about you? How was your Thanksgiving? What did you make? And have you ever wanted to strangle your coworkers? #youarenotalone

8 thoughts on “This Post is About Burps. And Food.

  1. Mason T. Matchak says:

    I had a good Thanksgiving and made a S’mores truffle pie. It’s ridiculously good and most people can’t have more than one slice, which makes me oddly proud. 😛 And that sucks about your co-worker, ye gods. The people around me at work tend to do a lot of gossiping (or just talking about family stuff forever), but I can sort of tune that out. >_<

  2. Loni Townsend says:

    Heh, my husband is a belcher at home. Both him and my 4yo son compete, and at times, the 4yo can beat the 36yo in sheer volume of belch.

    Thanksgiving day was okay. I think yours was probably more flavorful and fun.

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