Escape from Harrizel

The Adventure Begins…

Fallon is like every other Arrival brought to Harrizel—an alien planet restoring the human race after a fatal war left Earth in ruins. But once viewing the all-day work camps and the nightly, orgy-like atmosphere, Fallon suspects her hosts, the Dofinikes, might have a secret agenda of their own.

With everything on a strict schedule and talking forbidden, the newest Arrival makes up her mind to escape. Finding it’s harder than she expects, hunger forces Fallon to turn to the Market—an underground system run by two rival Clans. It’s after an unexpected excursion that she crosses paths with Reid, a mysterious ex-Clan member who seems to know more than he’s letting on.

But with his attention also comes interest from both Clans. The Dofinikes are demanding more repopulating and now that people are going missing, time is running out. Fallon must solve the mystery of her rescue and discover the truth behind Earth’s ultimate demise, all while protecting her heart from the one man who could shatter it forever.


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