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Ah, so you made it here. Proud of you! But you’re still not sure you’re ready to commit to two newsletters a month from me? I get it. They are pretty fantastic, but we’re busy, and who the hell am I, anyway? Well, good thing is you’re free to unsubscribe at any point. Yay! Other good thing? I’m offering a free short story to see what (and who) you’re working with over here.

After a surprise hook up leads to an unexpected romance, Robin finds herself dating Grayson, her former mortal-enemy. The night of the homecoming dance has arrived and she’s uncertain of their plans—because Grayson never agreed to anything. Not technically. Armed with an idea of what she thinks she wants, Robin discovers the traditional night she always imagined is nothing compared to what she gets—and she couldn’t be happier.

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Rather invest in a novella to test the waters?

I hate Grayson Knight with a passion. Ever since he pulled a prank on me as kids, I’ve kept him in the mortal-enemy category, and we both prefer it that way. Now we’re seniors in high school and he’s still the same immature jerk. I avoid him as much as possible, but when an argument turns ugly and lands us in detention together, I know my life is over—especially when my dad, the city’s police sergeant, finds out.

I have no idea how we’ll get through this, so I’m surprised when Grayson comes to my rescue after I’m cornered by a sleazy basketball player. Suddenly, the boy I’ve always hated isn’t the enemy. If seeing him with new eyes isn’t confusing enough, a secret kiss sends everything scrambling, leaving me to figure out what I want, and if I can even have it. Because Grayson isn’t like other boys—and I’m starting to find out why.

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Last but not least – a short story about two side characters.

Iris knows about the vigilante life—only because her best friend happens to be one. Invited along on an undercover mission, Iris meets Kato, another vigilante. A few nights later when a nasty situation turns serious, Kato comes to Iris’s rescue in more ways than one. Suddenly, she’s left wondering why she didn’t see the potential before—and if there’s room for more than one vigilante in her life.

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If you want to roll, let’s roll. If not, no worries. I still hope you enjoy my worlds because like always, dear Reader—they are for you.

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