Sale on Superhero Fiction 10.23.23

Random Sunday Post. Someone’s got to keep you on your toes. 😉

I’m actually popping on to announce a HUGE sale tomorrow – of superheroes!


I know. There are other people who write about superheroes, albeit sub-genres different from romance. But they exist! And they’ll all be on sale tomorrow for 0.99. Not *quite* free, but come on, guys – 0.99? You have that in your couch. Or maybe in your wallet for those old-school, cash-carrying gangstas.

But 0.99 is an awesome deal, especially for so many different kinds of stories about superheroes! So, I hope you take a look around, because I bet you’ll find something up your alley.

Click here for all the superhero deals!

Have fun and good luck!

~ LC

Ten Years of Publishing

It’s October, guys.

The leaves (for some) are changing, there’s a cool breeze in the air when the sun doesn’t hate us, and for those businesspeople, it’s the start of the fourth quarter.

Ah, fall.

As excited as I am about sweater weather, this October means something different. Something special. Something that reminds me to keep going. That I haven’t given up yet—because I haven’t. This October marks the ten-year anniversary of publishing my first book, Escape from Harrizel (Arizal Wars series).

I can’t believe it. It feels likes yesterday, and not an entire decade ago. Ten years, guys. Where did that time go? Since releasing EFH in October 2013, I’ve published:

Plague of Mybyncia (Arizal Wars)

Discovery at Nerwolix (Arizal Wars)

Crusade Across Worlds (Arizal Wars)

Better Than This (Better Than This)

Better Than Now (Better Than This)

Better Than You (Better Than This)

In The Moment Before (The Coyote and The Claw Companion)

A Royal Pairing in Perish (The Coyote and The Claw)

In The Moment During (The Coyote and The Claw Companion)

I might’ve genre-hopped a little, but I wrote the stories I wanted to (and will continue to do so). So, I couldn’t let this milestone pass without doing…a little something.

To celebrate publishing my first book TEN YEARS AGO, I’m doing a giveaway for FREE signed paperback of Escape from Harrizel with $25 gift card 😊 Woohoo! In order to enter, all you need to do is tell me. That’s it. Send an email, a text, a DM. I’ll take carrier pigeons and snail mail, but I draw the line at insects and creepy crawlers. Keep that stuff to yourself.

So…what’re you waiting for? Don’t you want to celebrate with me by owning your very own copy (with updated cover) AND a gift card of money—all free? AND you’re supporting an indie author. I mean, seriously…what’re you waiting for?

Thanks for being so supportive, guys. For the last decade, I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to you, and what’s next to come!


Anxiety For The Win

Okay, yes, I missed another one.

I’m not perfect here, guys. I know it seems like I am. I know you THINK I am (and I’m flattered. Honestly) but I’m just not perfect. Even I mess up stuff from time to time…like remembering to post my ONE weekly blog on the SAME day, a schedule that hasn’t changed since 2017. Also missed my last newsletter. I’m on a roll here, y’all.


Happy September! It’s my birthday month so I’m excited for all the reasons. We have a trip to Atlanta planned, we’re doing another toy/comic show, and I’m working on my first giveaway! It will be via Instagram, because that’s where all these dirty deeds go down. What will I be giving away? A signed physical copy of In The Moment Before. Woot!

Honestly, I’m terrified to do this. Weird since it should be this fun, exciting thing, right? But what if:

  • I mess up the raffle somehow
  • I pick the wrong raffle-winner method
  • No one participates
  • Somebody does and it’s a troll

I have all the fears. Most irrational, sure. But I’ve locked myself out of my home more times than I care to admit, I have trouble with easy math as well as operating normal door and gate locks. There are parts of my brain that are incredibly stupid. And I’m sure—I’M SURE—I can easily mess this up. Anxiety for the win, am I right?

Buuuttt also, eh.

So, what if I mess it up? I’ve gotten pretty good at messing things up. And getting past it. It’s all a learning game, and this is just the next obstacle.

More on that later. There’s so much to talk about (we saw Oppenheimer, Batman got me the most *amazing* sunglasses, we applied for our passports…) and then a quick burst of inspiration on Instagram had me promising to post everyday for the entire month. Why? I don’t know. I like to throw fuel on the fire, I guess. Maybe under this beauty-queen exterior lies the beating heart of a masochist?

Like I said, lots to go over, but I think we both know we’re done here. For now. This feels like a long post (maybe because I didn’t post last week?) but you seem caught up. Also—are we friends on Instagram? Want to hold me to the post-a-day challenge? I think you should. I think you should straight GOT shame me if I don’t, bell and all.

I’m @authorcgcoppola on IG. Be friends with me and shame me if I fail. Also, I’m depending on you to enter my giveaway. All the pressure here, guys. 😉

Have a great week!

~ LC

Not a Social Author

I haven’t posted a blog in TWO weeks. I really want to blame someone else, so let’s do that. It’s not my fault. It’s theirs. The nerve.

I do enjoy keeping up with my blog, but I was under a deadline to get A Return of Ghosts over to the editor for line edits. Of course I forgot to write the bonus scene with Grayson (I do a bonus scene with Black Coyote and Grayson Knight at the end of each book in both series) so I was scrambling to work on that. But I got it done! And to celebrate, I watched The Summer I Turned Pretty and The Orville because…why not?

I’m not a social author, I’ve sadly come to realize. Which is WEIRD since I’m selectively social in real life. What’s the term for that? I’m an extroverted introvert. I prefer to be alone, but can be very social in certain situations. If we’re being honest, I’d stay in my writing cave for 75% of the time, chuck the books into the void, and continue on in my normal life if I could. The social media part of me flounders daily, so the next time I miss consecutive posts, just know it’s not because I’m not working. It’s because I am working. Very hard on something. Probably some amazing story I hope you’ll read.

Let’s look at the status of my ongoing projects, shall we:

A Return of Ghosts – out to editor for line edits – releasing 12/23

In The Moment After – first draft written – releasing 6/24

A Battle of Champions – half of rough outline written – releasing 12/24

This is just to give you an idea of how far in advance I work on things/and what I work on simultaneously. Again, if I’m not on social media, I’m probably in another world writing a battle scene, as I can’t seem to escape them.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. I’ll (hopefully) have another one for you next week.


~ LC

The Focus Has Shifted

It’s official.

I’ve finished the first draft of In The Moment After, set to release June 2024. I’m done, guys.

*wipes sweat*

The epic battle scene that took three weeks to write, and then the iconic “I love you” scene after that, and tying together all the loose ends (that I’m aware of. BETA readers: I’ll need your help) but everything is written from the first scene to the last. And, while I have a vague idea of what I wrote, I really have no clue, but I’m not looking at it again for a while. Not until A Return of Ghosts is on its way to be released.

What I’m saying: the focus has shifted. I’m putting down Robin and Grayson’s story to work on June and Nikolai and their epic (and front stage) tale. Basically (for all you nerds in the back like me) we’re going from Batgirl & Robin (or Gwen & Peter if you’re a Marvel fan) to Batman and Catwoman. Not interested in either or superhero romances in general? Well, I have a contemporary romance and sci-fi adventure romance available; I’ll direct your attention there 😉

I’m trying to be more active on the social media front, as I’m not a fan of it much. But I’m trying to make the rounds. If you’ve joined Threads, are on tiktok or Insta, I’m lurking in the corner somewhere. Come find me! I promise we can be silly and laugh about things. Literally my goal in life.

Have a great week!


Take a Look and Let me Know

I’m not sure which of you stalk my website (100% it’s all of you) so you’ve probably seen the change. The BIG change. But for those lame non-stalkers, I got you:

I got new covers, baby 😊 Not for ITMB or ARIP, and you know I just updated BTT with my headless man pictures. So, by the mighty powers of deduction, that puts the new covers on my original series: Arizal Wars. You probably haven’t heard me talk about this one in a while. Probably because I first started writing the series in 2011, and published the first book in 2013. I’M STILL NOT FINISHED WITH THE SERIES.

I know. Like, awful author rule-breaker over here. It’s just—I wrote four back-to-back action-adventure books and I needed—I NEEDED—to write something different. A straight romance. And that’s how Better Than This blossomed. I’d planned on releasing the fifth and final book of the Arizal series like two years ago, but then Nikolai and June (and then Robin and Grayson) fought for their turn and their story. I only got the first draft of the fifth book written, and that’s about it. Haven’t looked at it since.

Buuuuttt I’ve known I’ve wanted new covers for a while. Something a little more magical than straight science-fiction. Because, whereas Arizal Wars is technically science-fiction, it reads like fantasy with magic, and I want the covers to convey that. So…take a look and let me know. They’re already paid for and uploaded, so there’s no changing them now. Not until I update them again in ten years.

This is the first place I’m announcing it so BE READY. I will continue to shout about my new covers from the rooftops for sometime because:

  1. I love them
  2. I paid for them, did the hard work to update them everywhere (except paperback. Not quite there yet but SOME TIME SOON)
  3. I need/want to for marketing purposes.

Like I said, get ready. And please, let me know what you think!

Have an amazing week,


I Brought My Books

Batman and I did the show!

If you recall from last week’s post, I mentioned we were participating in a local toy and comic show. The event has grown in popularity to include all kinds of things across many fandoms, including several handmade items. Batman decided to become a vendor two shows back and this time, I stepped up my game as well. I brought my books.

To sell.

To answer your burning question: yes, I sold a few. I brought copies of ARPIP and ITMB and sold one of each to two friends. Then another vendor lady bought one of each as well. So (if adding correctly) that’s six books! Sure, my awesome friends stepped it up because they’re supportive AF. But I also sold two on my own. Confetti and squealing and all happy dancing for that!

Pic for proof I was there:

It was probably a good thing we did the show on Sunday. I was trapped (and still am) in an epic finale battle scene that I’ve been crawling through. So, escaping into a room of fun-fandom people for a day was refreshing and inspiring. People love their shows, stories, characters. They love whatever art speaks to them. It’s refreshing and makes me excited to crawl back into the literal trenches of this battle scene to pump out the magic.

In case you’re curious, Batman did well too! He sold a lot video games, toys, and passed out business cards this time. We’re both doing our thing and loving it.

Also, I’m doing a weekly writing update on tiktok and posting to my fb, so if you ever forget what I look like—or want proof I’m really a real person—feel free to check them out. I’ve only done two videos, and they’re mostly of my messy office and the view of my window with a water bottle, so don’t think you’ve missed anything yet. But I plan to bring y’all along my journey with the rest of the Coyote and Companion series. Because…you know…why not?

Have an awesome week 😊

~ LC

Consider That A Win



In The Moment During comes out on Friday! Woo-hoo! You’re probably sick of hearing about it and seeing those marvelous little advertisements I’m making. Well, you should be, because that means I’m doing my job—marketing. If you’re twitchy from my advertising efforts, I consider that a win. #sorrynotsorry

Pre-Order In The Moment During


My business cards came in! Old news—I agree—but I put off opening them until I could do a tiktok of the moment. Because I forget to do all the things, I only recently opened them and have yet to show you the video. I tried posting it here, but alas, technology and I are old enemies. But…if you’re super curious, it’s on my fb.


This coming Sunday, Batman and I will be vendors in a Vintage Toy & Comic show—and I’ll be selling my books! WHAT. I know. This is the first time I’ll be selling my paperbacks in person. It’s not a bookish environment per say, but half the vendors are selling DC Universe-related merchandise, so I know my Batman & Robin inspired books will be around the right type of audience.

Am I nervous? Absolutely. Do I plan on selling any books? That’s the goal, but we’ll see what reality has in store. Either way, this is another step over the line and closer to the goal: writing full time. I’ve got my business cards and my books. I’ll have some caffeine day-of.

Let’s do this.

~ LC


My business cards came in! 😊

But have I opened them? No. Because it’s like…a thing…and I need to tiktok the crap out of it, so you can see my amazing reaction just like Batman will—unless he’s distracted by one of the dogs, a toy, or a floating piece of dust. That’s my goal. Documenting this whole journey that’s normally isolated, but now you can see behind the curtain with me! (Who doesn’t like a good curtain peek?)

Keeping this one short since you get your first June newsletter from me on Thursday. But I’ll throw the important links here:

ARC for In The Moment During

Pre-Order for In The Moment During

That’s all I got for you this week. In The Moment During releases next Friday.


~ LC

Onto Something Big Here*

Let’s start with the good news:

  1. I’m not dead! Always worth reminding.
  2. I’ve (obviously) made this week’s post AND I’ll have next week’s newsletter ready to go. On track so far.
  3. I ordered business cards. BUSINESS CARDS. It’s becoming real, y’all.
  4. I worked on Canva for marketing (and made progress!)
  5. I resolved the paperback issue for Better Than You on Amazon – go ahead and grab your updated copy!
  6. I’m nearly a third of the way through writing In The Moment After and am looooovvvvviiinnnggg iiiittttt.

And for the bad news:

Since I’ve yet to locate my hordes of ravenous fans, I don’t think it will be *too* terrible to announce the shift to my publishing schedule. Whereas I was hopeful—nay I say naïve?—in producing four works a year, the money (and time) simply isn’t there. Sadly, Batman and I are still “the Poors” and can only move so far so fast. In fact, I emptied my savings to publish A Royal Pairing in Perish & In The Moment During. Self-publishing may be free to do but it ain’t cheap 😉

With that said, I’m moving to a two-a-year book release schedule because:

  1. I can afford that. Currently. Let’s see where the world goes…
  2. It will give me more time to focus on each release and advertise without feeling rushed.
  3. I’m poor.
  4. I need a social life.

Some of these repeat, but you get the point. I’m planning on making June and December my official release months soooooo that means after In The Moment During comes out this month (woo-hoo!) my next release will be in December for A Return of Ghosts. Don’t look at my website yet because it’s not updated. Still on my to-do list, but I wanted to announce this as early as possible because, I dunno. Seems important.

You feel it, guys? The shift? We’re onto something big here*.

Oh, yeah…


*That’s what she said