A Return of Ghosts – Book 2

June aka Quick Claw

After Nik saves me, I’m hopeful things will return to normal, especially now that we’re together. I didn’t expect to be dating Black Coyote, but he’s welcomed me into his group of vigilantes, and I couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, peace doesn’t last long in the city. Monstrous creatures have invaded Perish, and they’re targeting me. After a few attacks, I discover the reason—and the person who helps me discover it.

Someone I thought to be dead.

With startling revelations about my friends and family, I work with the group to prepare for the approaching storm. But I’m not sure we’ll be enough. Nik’s old enemy is unleashing a wrath—and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Nikolai aka Black Coyote

Now that I’ve got June back, I want to enjoy life—especially since she’s my girlfriend. But Jack Napier and the Pharaohs have other plans.  Mutated creatures are being released all over the city, and they’ve got their focus on June. Using all the tools we have—including new vigilantes with surprising talents—the group works to protect Perish until outside help steps in.

And it’s the last person I expect.

After learning pivotal news, and experiencing multiple visits down memory lane, the monsters keep coming. Armed with a team ready for battle, we work to save the city. But it isn’t until a visit from an old friend that changes the direction of the war—and the fate of Perish.


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