Better Than This

“Who is A.M.S?

By Joe Smith / New York Times

February 1st 2011

His songs have been hailed as classics, many believing these chart-toppers to be among the best ever recorded, but Rhythm Guitarist and lead vocalist of the globally-recognized American rock band, Better Than Decent, disagrees. To Alex Wolf, he could be doing better. A lot better.

Wolf joined the band—then Chronic Rage—in the early 2000s, the group ultimately hitting it big in 2006 when their first album released at the top of the charts. Known for their iconic indie-punk blend, Better Than Descent has become a part of our culture, and it’s all due to one single on their first album.

“Her,” gained overnight popularity. The acoustic sensation became an instant number one, bringing the little-known band to light, and with it, Wolf’s iconic ballads. While the group mostly leans in the punk direction, the solos and singles contributed by the Rhythm Guitarist have skyrocketed the versatile band to celebrity status. But it’s not just the music that has everyone talking—it’s the question.

Who is A.M.S.?

With every album, Wolf includes a special single (and in some cases, multiple) which he dedicates simply to: A.M.S. Hits like “Still Here,” “Waiting,” “You,” and “Perfect,” have become romantic icons, each earning Wolf—and the band—multiple Grammys. It’s the guitarist’s soulful voice mixed with his unrequited, often heart-broken lyrics that have many speculating on A.M.S.’s existence. Some argue she is an imaginative figure while others believe her to be real. Theory after theory have been exchanged by the millions of Better Than Decent fans, but with the musician refusing every question on the subject, no one knows the truth.

Five years later and we’re still asking:

Who is A.M.S.?”


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