Fake It Till You Make It

I’ve been writing a bunch lately which is great because I’ve had the free time. I recently (voluntarily) switched from one job to no job, so while scouting new work I’ve had PLENTY of time to really dive into this third book I have no business writing (although a lot of you gave me feedback about how this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You’re awesome). Yes, that means I quit to write and one day, maybe I’ll stop this habit of bouncing from job to job since filling out an application for an author isn’t a thing yet (or is it? If it is, PLEASE tell me NOW).

No, I have no idea what I’m going to do and no, I’m not concerned over it because I’m so frigging excited to be writing the third installment. I have every day to write and write some more and write even more and I bet this is how authors who talk at panels and go on book tours feel. Coffee in hand and laptop in front of them all day. Got to fake it till you make it, right?

I’m still trying to figure out how to ‘own’ this business. Obviously, I’m down for the creative part but the business/marketing aspect is still a big blinking question mark that I keep trying to peek past. I’ve been a bit more active on twitter and am trying to blog more than once a week. But I’m not sure what to say. Or post. Or how to stir up interest other than just continually talking about me and writing and my books. Or is that it? Is that the whole secret?


I’m going to play with Appa while I figure this out.

Then I’ll probably come back and write some more. Today kind of is a big day. It’s a big scene, one that solves a mystery from the second book. I’ve already teared up a couple times because I like throwing rocks at my characters and this rock really hurt. Is it weird (and you can tell me if this makes me a terrible person) but my goal is to make my reader cry. I just want to break their heart a little and then put it back together. Evil or… not such a terrible thing? You tell me.

P.S. Don’t forget…if you hear about that author application thing… let me know.

P.P.S. The theme is “Anticipation” for this Friday’s #FridayKiss, so look for some of my “sweetest and sexiest lines” from my WIP on Twitter in two days (you know, because I’m on Twitter now) 😉

Things I Do Because Life

Today I went to a torture museum.

Not exactly what I thought when I mentioned St. Augustine, but hey—who am I to turn down a good nightmare-inducing experience? I was thinking more Ice-cream and cobble-stones but I got graphic mannequins and the Iron Maiden.

*shudders inwardly*

When Batman suggested this new tour (we’ve practically done everything else in the oldest city) I thought—sure, why not? I’ve been living happily and at peace. Time to shake things up a bit. So, I did. I went into this 4,000 sq. ft. stage play featuring the most terrifying ways to punish people. I took some pictures but then the bile started to rise and I figured they probably didn’t want me vomiting all over their perfectly-crafted gore scenes.

Sure, why not? We already paid the fee.



Batman seems to be having fun.

If you’ve never been to St. Augustine (and you should—it’s gorgeous) this is more of what to expect:

Unlike last week, I have nothing profound to say. I just want it noted I went into a really scary place and didn’t pass out. Or run out. I stayed there and closed my eyes a bunch like a CHAMP.

Also, I’m a little more than half-way through the third book and I’m already all squealy over it. (Squealy is a good thing. I’m fangirling over my own work which is either super self-absorbed or I’m just super excited for the content. I’m leaning towards the latter.)

Hope you’re enjoying whatever this Saturday is throwing your way – be it family, friends, or the Iron-Maiden!

P.S. – I joined this nifty group on FB called All the Kissing and I’m digging it. Friday’s theme was Love so if you head over to Twitter (Yep – I know. I’ve been tweeting recently. It surprises me too) you can check out some of the sweet and sexy lines from my WIP, Better Than This with #FridayKiss. Actually, you’ll find a *bunch* of awesome lines from seriously hot sounding stories.  But what else would you expect from a group called All the Kissing?

So, What Did We Learn Today?

Something occurred to me recently—yesterday?—or maybe it’s been the culmination of several deep thoughts over the years that were distracted by chocolate or coffee or maybe just life in general. The thing that occurred to me is that NO ONE ELSE IS GOING TO DO THIS FOR ME.

There. I said it. Or yelled it. But at myself. Definitely not at you. (Most definitely NOT at you x 1000)


Ah, feels even better saying/yelling for the second time.

It should be obvious. It’s *super* obvious but I kind of figured just writing would be enough and that my part—the main part—only needed to remain there. The writing-of-books-part. I figured I’d write them, throw them into cyberspace and wait for the fangirling (or fanboying—I don’t judge) to commence, which would inevitably be followed by a major publishing contract with a big fat check. Easy-peasy, right? Except—oh yeah—that hasn’t happened. Because that’s not how things work. Because you can’t do only some of the work (drats!) and I’ve been doing… eh… maybe a third? (Mind you I did work fulltime and I have Appa, who is *basically* my child). But I don’t advertise my words at all. I literally write them, feel good about them and then chuck them so hard into cyberspace I hope I forget about the next part:


I hate talking myself up. I hate compliments because, like, what do you say to them? You have a nice a hat? I don’t know. Getting other people excited about something I’m doing or have done or made or wrote seems like I’m bragging and I *hate* people who brag. It’s like yeah, we get it, you’re kind of good at something, but so is everyone. That’s why I shy away from promotion. I don’t want the spotlight. I don’t want to be passed the mic. I will hot-potato that shit so quick, someone’s going to get a spud in their eye.

But I can’t keep doing that.

Past all the doubt and weird attention disorders, I am really proud of what I did. What I wrote. What I keep on writing and if I want it to be something in this field, no one else is going to believe it until I do. They’re not going to get interested unless I’m telling them why. I get it now. I probably should’ve gotten it a while ago but we all learn at different rates (shut up).

Moral of the story?

It sucks to wake up and realize you’re the only one who can change things.

…But it’s kind of liberating too.

What Am I Doing, IWSG?

I started writing the third book.

Recap: I haven’t published the first one yet. Better Than This, the first book in my series (no name for the series yet—that’s how early I am in the process) is out to BETA readers for them to give me a thumbs-up *hopefully* or a thumbs sideways with suggestions. Either way, the MS is out to like, three people, one of whom I know has read it. That’s it. So, what the hell am I doing writing the third one?

It started with me (kind of) cleaning the house and imagining—like I sometimes do—this very special, very oh-my-God moment in the third installment. I play it over in my head because it’s just so powerful and goose-bumpy that I decided to go ahead and write it. Just to get it down. Then that turned into what led up to it and what happened after and I’m already thirty pages in. And I am NOT STOPPING.

Which is great, I know. Woo-hoo and all that, but I’m already writing the third one. The THIRD ONE. I was in the middle of editing the second when this magical bout of inspiration knocked me over the head with the final story for the series. So: I’m writing the third now in the middle of editing the second while I should be promoting and releasing my first.

*Pulls hair*

But I got this. I don’t know how, but I got this. Somehow, it’ll all come together. With that said, onto the February optional question!

What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

Probably the fact that I read all kinds of romances and romances (typically) end in a Happily Ever After (HEA). I like that. Sometimes the world is so filled with shitiness that it’s nice to read a story that makes you feel good. Like, really good. Friendships are great for that, but I always find romances to hit that special spot. Or, maybe I’m still a little girl and believe in HEAs? I mean, I did find Batman. So, why doubt it?

Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is a monthly blog hop for writers at all levels to share their fears and insecurities in a safe and encouraging place. Please drop by and say hi to Alex Cavanaugh who started this nifty concept in bringing us all together.

For the Love of Music. And Pandora.

My friend Shelby told me about a song she thinks would be perfect for my WIP, Better Than This, because, you know, our WIPS have to have playlists, right? When we see it in our head, it’s like a movie and every movie (every good movie) comes with an amazing soundtrack. I think I’ve subconsciously had songs that I linked back to my works. In the old days *cough a couple years ago cough* I would make CDs with songs that inspired me to write the books. Actually, I’d have Batman do it because he could ‘work’ ITunes better than me (his words. I really I just think he enjoyed doing it.) But he’d make me the playlist and I’d listen to it on the way to work and home. Since Pandora is now a thing, I don’t have to make CDs anymore. I just plug in whatever one song is most inspiring and let the algorithms do the rest. And actually… it’s worked out pretty well.

Back when I started writing BTT in 2016, I knew there was a musician involved, but I had no idea it swayed more toward the SKA/Punk genre. I had all kind of rock musicians playing and somehow (probably by the Grace of God) Kodaline’s All I Want came on and I thought—this is it. This is *so* the number one song on my playlist. It actually made me realize something pretty significant about my WIP, which opened the door to how the rest of the story (and books) would unfold. Yeah. This one song. This one FREAKING AMAZING SONG basically wrote the series. Sure, I’m ‘technically’ writing it, but bravo to Kodaline for putting out something that set a series of events into place. Art influencing art influencing art. Blows my mind sometimes.

If you haven’t heard the song, I *highly* recommend doing so. It’s beautiful. And kind of makes me cry because it’s so sad and sweet. Not giving away anything about BTT here (unless you want to BETA read and then by all means, let me know!) but Kodaline’s song is seriously a driving force behind what happens to Autumn and Alex. Like, it’d be a totally different story if Pandora (AKA God) hadn’t played that one song to me. Geez… what a life huh? What a freaking miracle this life is.

What about you? Do you make playlists/listen to a certain channel to be inspired? Has any one song impacted a WIP? Tell me because I love hearing stuff like this 🙂

I Came. I Conquered. I Went to Vegas.

Well, I started off my TwitterPitch doing it wrong (figures). Thanks to Mason @ Muse Riding Shotgun, he informed me that spaces are needed between the hashtags so agents/publishers/anyone can find what I’m tweeting. (Kind of important, so I’m glad he stepped up with some neighborly writer advice. Thanks again, Mason!) With that said, I got three hearts! Woop Woop! I could’ve gotten no hearts and that would’ve made this a very sad post. But hey, three hearts are better than no hearts so I’ll take it.

I’m patting myself on the back for this one because Twitter is so not my platform. I’m like a cave-woman banging a bone against a wall, willing it to respond. Any sort of reaction is awesome and the fact that there were THREE different people/companies somewhat interested in a pitch I put together like, blew my socks off. So, I rewarded myself with a trip to Vegas.

Made it!

Okay, yes, the trip was planned beforehand, but maybe that was life’s way of saying ‘here’s the ice-cream you get for eating those Brussel sprouts. They may taste meh, but now you can ruin it with some much-needed calories.’ Unfortunately, I’m writing this NOT as a jackpot millionaire. I only gambled $20 in the penny slots and spent more cash on taxisies and trips to Walgreens. (I needed things. Shut up.) Vegas was fun and I’m glad to say I went in January because I guess it’s known (besides being the sin city) as a melt-your-skin-off state, and I already get plenty of that in Florida. But in case you’re interested, I was able to snag a few pictures between all the wide-eyed stares at places third-class passengers like myself rarely venture.

The Venetian (I didn’t foot the bill. Obviously)

Yeah, um, this is IN our hotel.

Suuuuuuper creepy at night.

Across from our hotel.

Ah, Paris!

Just another day in France.

More like CRAP! I lost all my money 😦

This should be EVERY ESCALATOR


Go back to your home on WHORE Island.

In Cesar’s Palace. Because, why not?

Danny Ocean?

IN the Bellagio


Did the real Cesar live here? No? I didn’t think so. Also, is this hotel pager friendly?



Have you been to Vegas? If so, did you like it? And did you participate in IWSG’s Twitter Pitch? How’d it go?

P.S. How do you pluralize taxi? I definitely spent a few minutes trying different spellings. Jury’s still out.

P.P.S. Thanks again to Catie and Susan for an amazing trip to Vegas!