Success! …Sort Of

I wrote a blog post yesterday and was seconds away from clicking “publish.” I’d read over it a few thousand times, checking for punctuation and what not, but my anxiety crept in and I decided to wait. I’ll publish it tomorrow, I thought. Or maybe Thursday. Thursday’s a good day for a blog post. Well I’m glad I put it off because something miraculous happened. I saw the future! Er – not my future. I’m not really interested in peeking behind the curtain; I’d rather be pleasantly surprised when I stumble upon my mountain of wealth in my thirtieth year. But my characters’ future- I’m talking about my endless nameless WIP (which has become quite steamy so suddenly. Probably from all the candy I read. Damn literary sugar).

I know how it’s going to end. Basically. And I knew I would, because light bulbs always come on eventually. Mental light bulbs. Not real light bulbs. You still need to pay for those bitches. So hurray for epiphanies and sticking with things. I’m still not finished writing the damn thing, but at least I understand what’s supposed to happen now, how I plan on wrapping it up (again, at some point in the future). There’s still no name because that light bulb is dead. Not even flickering. I’ve saved the document as “Josh Ritter song.” Original, I know. But the whole thing was inspired by something I heard on Pandora, so I’m sticking with the ever- clever “Josh Ritter song” for now. Hopefully the working title will improve and it’ll be something cool and maybe ironic but I’m a terrible title-er, although I love to name things. So we’ll see. That’s a light bulb for another day. And look, I’m publishing (with anxiety – always with anxiety) on a Wednesday, a day for talking camels and lewd mid-week references. So who knows what’s in store.

It’s an anything can happen life.