Too Excited To Be Scared

I’ve been keeping a giant Tupperware container in the fridge at work for over a week and I’m afraid to take it home. They’ll know it was me. That I’ve been taking up all the space (during the holiday week…) when it could’ve been used for all the other goodies. But I keep forgetting it’s there. Every day I leave, and every morning when I put my new lunch in there, I see the giant plastic bin of grossness with food and I think eww.

I think I’m just going to throw it away. It’s been in there for over a week and I really don’t want to smell it. I just don’t want to be seen throwing it away because they’ll FOR SURE know it was me and I’m still trying to make friends. Also, it’s the last of the original Tupperwares, so it’s probably time to toss the thing. Just can’t be caught when it goes down…

How was your holiday? Enjoyable? Stressful? Somewhere in the middle? Mine was great! Batman won Christmas this year because look at this:

Like, seriously. The candle alone proves he won. He could’ve gotten me this one thing and he still would’ve come out the victor. I’d never tell him this because then I’d literally only get the candle every year, and since he stopped reading this *amazing* blog years ago, he’ll never know. BWHAHAHA.

Writing News:

In my journey to actually do something with my writing, I applied for and got accepted to Radish – woot! What is Radish besides some small red vegetable? (Or is it a fruit? I don’t know…) Radish is a serialized platform that caters mostly to the romance genre, and readers pay per chapter. Kind of like sampling the book little by little instead of reading the whole thing. You can stop at any point and not continue…or you can keep going to the end. Some writers release a chapter a day, some every few days, and apparently, serialized platforms are *very* popular right now, so, I threw my name in the hat and actually got accepted. What?!  Seriously?!?


I applied with my Better Than This Series, and the first chapter of the first book goes up today. Double woot! You can check it out, or check out Radish in general: here.

Other big news: beta reader copies are being distributed next week. NEXT WEEK GUYS. OMG. People—besides me and my laptop—are going to be aware of the story I’ve been writing for well over a year. I started May 2020 and here we are December 2021 with a *completely* different story, but one I love 1000 times more. I’m stoked, guys. I really am. All the nerves and terror are there (and I don’t think they’ll ever leave) but I’m pushing through. I’m too excited to be scared this time.

Next thing to work on is my newsletter because I’m realllllllly going to make it work this year. I need to. And I want to. It’s all about cultivating a fan base, right? Because if you have one of those, it helps to sell more books (which is the end game, folks.)

So, we’ve got Radish, beta readers, and a newsletter I will be Frankenstein-ing back to life. All the things, people. I’m doing all the things.

Well, this is our last chat in 2021. I hope you stick around for all the excitement in 2022, and I hope you have a fabulous time bringing in the new year!

~ Lady Caitlin

P.S. I finally threw the Tupperware out. There was no other way

Batman Won Christmas/Happy New Year!

I know, I know. It’s Thursday ☹

So, why the heck am I throwing you off by not posting on our usual Wednesday date? Those darn holidays snuck up on me and there was travel and work and all the other things that made me confused. But despite the confusion, it was a good holiday—how about yours?

Did you get everything you wanted? Did you get anything you wanted? Did you get hammered off the eggnog and not remember a thing? 😊

Batman told me a few weeks ago that he was winning Christmas. Naturally, I cried folly and said there would be no way he could beat me. I’ve won the past many years because I’m an awesome gift-giver and frankly, I love my title and WILL defend it. There was no way Batman was going to beat me.

No. Way.

Y’all seeing this? Are you seeing my LETTER TO HOWARTS.


There was also the small matter of my NEW Kindle Fire which he set up because I’m stupid with technology and he’s a gamer (so he knows tech stuff. Right? I don’t know. Also, I was lazy).

This, of course, was among other awesome gifts I received most of which I cannot mention because of reasons. Also, I don’t feel like typing them all out…but I am currently squeezing my golden snitch stress ball…

I have to hand it to Batman. He did pretty well this year. If I didn’t love the fact that he addressed the envelope to “the office in the back of the house” so much, he might not have won. Yeah, he got some good things too, and it was really close—if not a tie. But I’m going to give him this year. I mean, hey, it’s a win-win for me 😊 He set his own bar super high, and next year, he’ll need to defend his title. I can handle that.

Now, if I was playing with my mom? I would have ALSO LOST:

I got it. Everyone stepped up their game this year. Didn’t realize we were all playing in the major leagues at this point, but okay. Let’s do this  😊

Well, I guess this will be my last post in 2018. If I’m to keep on our current Wednesday/day after Wednesday date, we’ll be chatting in the new year. Please be safe and not stupid and if your family and friends want to be stupid, remind them we need to start 2019 with the good kind of bang 🙂

From Batman & I: Have a happy (and SAFE) New years! Talk to you in 2019!

P.S. How about your holiday? Did you win Christmas? Any plans for the New Year?

I Hope You Enjoy It

This post is going to be short because:

  1. I live a boring life and don’t have much to say
  2. I’m first chapter into writing RTD and DO NOT WANT TO STOP

There should probably be a number three, but I think number two sums it up. I’ve got the energy going and I’m pantsing this baby like a mofo. What’d I say last week? Good vibes 😊 Alright 😊 For your pleasure/entertainment/whatever, here’s a current picture of me and Batman at his work holiday party:

Happy holidays to you—whatever you choose to do! Whether it’s lighting eight candles (which I believe has passed…sorry…happy belated Hanukkah!), opening presents with friends and family, or laying on the couch doing nothing, I hope you enjoy it.

Alright, back to writing RTD. (Woop!)

See ya on the flip side of Christmas. Fingers crossed you get everything you didn’t realize you wanted.