This is Our Year IWSG

It’s (somehow) the first Wednesday of the month which caught me off guard because I was all “it’s still mostly December” and then someone shoved a calendar in my face and all of a sudden it’s January of 2016. Whoa. Just whoa.


This is my first (albeit short) post for IWSG this year and I use it to welcome, encourage, persuade, invite and insist that all of you closeted writers who have not yet joined this amazing blog hop to go ahead and jump on board the train. You may have been wondering if you should do it, if your writing is up to par or if you think you’ll be chased away with pitchforks by grammar Nazis and bastardy beta-readers. You won’t. We encourage here. We support. We help keep you on the path to that goal you really, really want to achieve. So stop hiding behind your keyboard and come out and join the party. This is totally your year. Start it right.

Am I insecure? Always. It’s part of the deal of being human, unfortunately. But at the current moment I am (surprisingly) relaxed and not having a total panic attack over what I want to do with my life and knowing there’s no real blue print of how to get there. Give me a few hours and I might be singing a different tune. Probably a dirge.

But it’s okay, because I’m not alone. You’re here. And so are you. And you. And all of you non-writers taking the time to read this post about crazy people who are obsessed with putting words in the right order. Your support means the world to me–seriously, more than you’ll know.

This is going to be a good year. I know it. 2015 kicked major ass and that was only the pre-season. Some come on, 2016. Bring it. I’m ready to kick it up a notch.

Aren’t you?