Waiting for Appa

We almost got a puppy.

I mean, not really because it was never an option—money, you know?—but I came this close to convincing Batman that what our new apartment really needed, besides being able to pay for itself, was the *adorable* brown and beige Rottweiler we were holding.


The kind of puppy that just melted into your arms and even though you know you shouldn’t, you’re already trying out names for him.

“Are you Appa? Or Zero?” I kept rubbing my nose against his while Batman scratched behind his big brown ears.

Yes, we already know the name of our future dog and yes, you did read that correct. It will either be Appa (from the Last Airbender—my choice) or Zero, (from The Nightmare Before Christmas—his choice.) I don’t see why we need to pick between them; we could solve this dilemma quite easily simply be getting two puppies. Batman does not agree.

He was swayed there for a moment, though. I could tell—I knew that look. Like he was trying to put all the factors in place and maybe, somehow convince himself that a new Rottweiler puppy could make sense even though we have no money to buy it or cage it or feed it or keep it healthy. Also, there’s the space issue and of course, the poor dog would be left alone most of the day leaving our new, totally awesome apartment in shambles. So many cons and yet… such an adorable little blue-eyed face.

It was tough.

Alas, we’re too responsible (damn it!)We left little Appa or Zero with his litter of siblings and instead came home with this fine character:

IMG_20140302_184736_743 (1)

I know. Not as cute as the dog but way more affordable. We had to come home from the arts and crafts fair with something and this little dude just hangs on the wall waiting for a hug. I suspect it would pinch and there wouldn’t be any warm snuggling but… at least I can leave the apartment and know its keeping itself company. I’d feel bad for the puppy.

But I do want one. Maybe a corgi. Or a Cocker spaniel. Or one of the shepherd breeds. Preferably something that’s lazy like me and enjoys the couch; something soft and cozy that would outlast all dog expectations and never die and go to Heaven because that movie made me cry. But getting a dog is a big, big deal. You’re adopting a new member into your family and for so long it’s just been Batman and me. And at the beginning of our relationship, a chunky guinea pig named Abner.

Okay, fine. Abner was obese (probably led to the massive heart attack he endured) but I still miss the little guy. Miss his squeaking and jumping with excitement (when he still could) whenever I’d come home. But I’d have to be home a lot more for a dog—otherwise I wouldn’t feel right. Darn society and the way it works!

Someday I’ll get Appa and/or Zero and my llamas and the pen of ostriches for the monthly races. I’ll probably have some penguins and rabbits and in my “China Exhibit,” a big panda I can go and snuggle with whenever Batman’s off fighting crime (he doesn’t think having a panda is a good idea. Well he can suck it because I’m getting one.)

I just have to wait for the day I go to a fair or a pound or a show and find Appa. And because I’ll be a fabulously wealthy stay-at-home author, I’ll nod at Fartswell and he’ll pay the man while I’m scooping up our newest family member. And I’ll snuggle with her and Batman will nod and I’ll finally be able to say:

“You’re coming home with me, Appa. I’ve been waiting for you.”

In case you’re wondering what Abner looked like:



Abner still in his younger, thinner days

Abner still in his younger, thinner days

Abner super close up, judging me

Abner super close up, judging me

Abner being shy

Abner being shy

Little Fixes to Keep Me Satisfied

One of the good things about October is the return of 2 of my shows—The Walking Dead and American Horror Story.

I’ve been missing Hershel’s pointed eyebrows since last season. And Darryl and Carol—will they finally hook up? Or is that a mother-son thing going on there? I can’t figure it out. Whatever it is, let’s get this Oedipus thing rolling and finally address the tension! And this time, for American Horror story, they’re focusing on witches. Witches! Yes! First it was a haunted house and then it was the asylum… now we get to learn about voodoo witches. Really, I don’t mind what the storyline is, as long as Evan Peters is still in it. Him and Jessica Lange. The two of them together with their crazy eyes and intense scenes make it impossible to look away. And I love it.

I’m not a dramatic person by nature, so I need these little fixes to keep me satisfied. I could probably get them from other shows but I don’t really watch TV. I mean, I could, but there’s no time when I’m busy working as a starving artist. Every free minute is a writing minute! So, when my few shows do come on, I need to watch them. And they need to address all the drama I don’t get in my day to day life (which, for the record, I prefer). So, for your reading pleasure—and because you asked so nicely—here’s my list of shows enticing enough to actually put the laptop down… for an hour or so, at least:

Walking Dead

American Horror Story

Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!)

Game of Thrones

The Office (seasons 1-3. Certain episodes in the 4th and the engagement/wedding episode. Oh, and for those of you who don’t really know me, I’m in *love* with Jim Halpert. Like, I drink my morning coffee out of a mug with his face. Not in a creepy way, like I stalked John Krasinski. But it was an Office mug from my friend Ecuador for my birthday a few years ago. And yes, when I say love, I mean love. Jim Halpert is my future husband—sorry Pam. I know you’re thinking, “what does Batman say to this?” He understands competely. Besides, he will one day leave me for Emma Stone. It’s better to talk about these things early.)

Avatar, the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. (if you’ve never seen either of these shows, please stop what you’re doing right now and check them out. Seriously. You’re welcome. I walked in on Batman watching Airbender and actually mocked him for being a grown man that watches cartoons… and then I got sucked in and had to eat my words because now I’m such a fan that we actually discuss episodes in length. And… nerd alert… I have to be on my couch on Fridays at 7:00 to watch the newest episode of Korra, because that’s too important to me to miss. Yeah. Now you know.)

Breaking Bad (we’re only on season three so no spoilers!)

True Blood

I’m sure there’re more but I can’t really think of them. Besides, like I said, I don’t watch too much television because I’m always glued to this laptop, writing something—editing the latest manuscript, working on the next one or typing up this blog. My fingers hurt. Like actually hurt. Is there any place to get a finger massage? Wow, that sounds dirty. But maybe that’s the thirteen year old boy in me. Wow… that sounds even worse.

I’m going to stop now.

So hurray for the return of The Walking Dead and American Horror Story! And Kathy Bates is in this season. How could it be bad with the unsinkable Molly Brown?

Good times ahead, my friends. Good times, ahead.