What’s Going On?

I had this whole other post for today, but I wrote it when I was annoyed.


Probably not the best thing to share, so I’m keeping it in my “working-blog-document” which houses all the posts that just didn’t make the cut (and a bunch of political posts I’m too afraid to share). The post, which was extremely cathartic, and mostly a long vent about stupid, selfish people, is still something I had to write. Because I’m sorry, but even though the world is crazy-tough and terrifying (can we admit that now that China and Russia are teaming up?) it does not give anyone an excuse to be a completely self-absorbed butt-munch, and solely talk about themselves over and over (and over and over again) like they’re the center of the universe.

It’s exhausting.

I’m exhausted—and all I do is listen.

Anyone else feeling this? I realize I’m waving my author flag like “like at me! I write books! Please read them and support me!” but that’s different. It’s a hurdle I have to jump because I’m still suuuuper not comfortable with tooting my own horn, even though I’m not tooting it/I’m marketing myself. (Big difference, though still weird to me …) But this general sense of “look at me” that I’ve been feeling from everyone who isn’t a close personal friend or family member—what’s going on?

Is it social media? Is it the generation who grew up on it? Why are people so friggin obsessed with themselves and being right and bashing everyone who disagrees? I’m about to lose it. What happened to the we-all-can-get-along mentality, and two-sided conversations? Because ahem, one person talking only about themselves isn’t a conversation. It’s a monologue that I certainly did not sign up for.

Did they stop teaching these things in kindergarten? I think they’re right up there with the alphabet, learning to share, and keeping your hands to yourself. Give a shit about other people and—might I stress—the world does not revolve you. Sorry, but it doesn’t.

At all.

Whew…I feel better. Thanks for letting me vent. This is kind of like the other post, but not as nasty, and waaaay less emotional. Sometimes, you just need a day.

How about you? How is life? Have you noticed any of these trends? What do you do to deal with them so you don’t lose your shit? People want to know.

(Me. I want to know.)

~ Lady Caitlin


Well this is a lovely end to the day. If you’re at all interested (and why wouldn’t you be?) you can check out Better Than This on Radish. (Or find it on Webnovel, Dreame, and iReader too?)

Better Than This Series:

An embarrassing middle-school incident keeps Alex Wolf and Autumn Sommers apart until they’re paired on a high school project in which they must pretend to be in a relationship for their Family Planning & Development class. Both just want to get through it until they begin working together, quickly discovering there might be some truth to the facade. But when Alex reveals a few secrets about his life, Autumn isn’t sure they’re able to get past them, leading to a decision that affects the next eight years, and a band fanbase of millions.

Uh, Directions Please?

I’m conflicted.

I’m trying to be professional (somewhat) and smart and use this blog as a platform to help build my reader audience, but apparently, I’m only supposed to talk about writing. People will only read if there’s a theme. But can’t my theme just be my life which concerns all aspects with a centralized focus on writing? Don’t get me wrong—I love talking about writing and being a writer and this hair-pulling, wine-gulping journey into self publishing. But it’s not everything. It’s not my entire life. It’s like… 89.7%. But hell, even Hemingway left the desk to enjoy a Mojito from time to time.

Other shit happens.

The question is- do I write about it? THAT, monsieur Hamlet, is the real question. To write about washed wallets and the existence of Scissorhand penises (which is one of the top searches for this site you weirdos!)and quirky friends getting married—does that hurt my mission into being a successful indie author? I’d like to think no, it doesn’t, but everything I’m reading tells me I’m doing this wrong. This needs to be a site dedicated solely to this process. AND THAT’S IT. Otherwise I’m lying to my fans. Heh. I think the part I like most about that is they assume I have fans. Awesome.

Although, there is that one person who gave me five star reviews on both my books and turned a somewhat crappy day into THE BEST ONE EVER. I wish I could find her (him?) and send a gift basket or something. Just to say thanks. They even titled their review post on POM that I need to hurry up and write faster. Aw! *tear* My heart—and confidence—quadrupled in size. Suck on that, Grinch.

I don’t even know if she knows this blog exists. Maybe. If she’s like me and stalks the authors she likes. If that’s the case, she only had luck if she checked POM’s bio page because I listed my blog address wrong on my first copy of EFH. Of course. I also listed my email wrong in 2009 when I was trying to submit my then novel to print publishers. But hiccups happen. People fall. And hopefully, if it didn’t leave them a paraplegic, they’ll get back up again. It’s all a learning process, right? But without solid instruction how do you know which direction to go? Unless it’s a fact, it’s just someone’s opinion.

I checked out Twitter and had a mild panic attack. I got through adding ten celebrity contacts before closing out the window and leaving my desk. Too much. It’s too much. But the book I’m reading said I have to be a on there. There and google plus and have a facebook author page (which I’ve already started. High five on being productive). But holy shit social media has taken over. And I mostly use my computer for word and minesweeper. Eeek! How am I going to navigate this tsunami with only a bitch-sized oar? For real. I’m about to capsize. But at least I can still write about it on this blog, if, of course, it pertains to writing. Because according to “experts,” I should only write about writing. Otherwise I’m a liar. A misleading, no-themed, poorly written plat formed liar.


What do you think?