Not Quite a Flying Bison

I couldn’t decide which picture would best sum up Appa.

I think this one of him sleeping is it:


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a puppy. And after four weeks he is STILL ALIVE.

Does this mean I might be able do to the same with a baby one day? Nope, not likely. But at least there’s some hope now.

I meant to write this post about the world’s most adorable (and amazing) puppy like, three weeks ago, but the problem with having the world’s most adorable (and amazing) puppy is finding time to blog about said dog. Thank God I took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Pretty sure I scored an eye roll from Batman every time I whipped out the phone but come on, man, dog’s only going to stay a pup for so long. Besides, it’s my responsibility as a new puppy-mommy to share adorable pics with people who like looking at cute photos of dogs they don’t have to take care of.

So, without further ado, say hello to Appa:


“I want to cuddle up next to you. Is that alright?”



“I wasn’t the one who chewed on the blanket. I promise.”


“Lady, get the f****** phone out of my face.”

No, I'm not trying to write or anything.

“I know you’re trying to write but…”


“What do you mean ‘bad dog?'”


“Ssshh, mom. I see something.”


“I’m sexy and I know it.”


“Hmm, wonder where we’re going next.”


“I f****** love car rides.”


“…and sleeping on daddy.”


“Get away from my paws, mom. That’s weird.”


“Remember my name.”

Totes adorbs. Totes in love.


He may not be a flying pet bison (The Last Airbender anyone?) but he’s the best German Short Haired Pointer EVER. And I love him. And you should too. And I will try not to let him keep me from writing but a new puppy-mom’s got to do what a new puppy-mom’s got to do.


And that’s loving the shit out of this little fucker.