I Came. I Conquered. I Went to Vegas.

Well, I started off my TwitterPitch doing it wrong (figures). Thanks to Mason @ Muse Riding Shotgun, he informed me that spaces are needed between the hashtags so agents/publishers/anyone can find what I’m tweeting. (Kind of important, so I’m glad he stepped up with some neighborly writer advice. Thanks again, Mason!) With that said, I got three hearts! Woop Woop! I could’ve gotten no hearts and that would’ve made this a very sad post. But hey, three hearts are better than no hearts so I’ll take it.

I’m patting myself on the back for this one because Twitter is so not my platform. I’m like a cave-woman banging a bone against a wall, willing it to respond. Any sort of reaction is awesome and the fact that there were THREE different people/companies somewhat interested in a pitch I put together like, blew my socks off. So, I rewarded myself with a trip to Vegas.

Made it!

Okay, yes, the trip was planned beforehand, but maybe that was life’s way of saying ‘here’s the ice-cream you get for eating those Brussel sprouts. They may taste meh, but now you can ruin it with some much-needed calories.’ Unfortunately, I’m writing this NOT as a jackpot millionaire. I only gambled $20 in the penny slots and spent more cash on taxisies and trips to Walgreens. (I needed things. Shut up.) Vegas was fun and I’m glad to say I went in January because I guess it’s known (besides being the sin city) as a melt-your-skin-off state, and I already get plenty of that in Florida. But in case you’re interested, I was able to snag a few pictures between all the wide-eyed stares at places third-class passengers like myself rarely venture.

The Venetian (I didn’t foot the bill. Obviously)

Yeah, um, this is IN our hotel.

Suuuuuuper creepy at night.

Across from our hotel.

Ah, Paris!

Just another day in France.

More like CRAP! I lost all my money 🙁

This should be EVERY ESCALATOR


Go back to your home on WHORE Island.

In Cesar’s Palace. Because, why not?

Danny Ocean?

IN the Bellagio


Did the real Cesar live here? No? I didn’t think so. Also, is this hotel pager friendly?



Have you been to Vegas? If so, did you like it? And did you participate in IWSG’s Twitter Pitch? How’d it go?

P.S. How do you pluralize taxi? I definitely spent a few minutes trying different spellings. Jury’s still out.

P.P.S. Thanks again to Catie and Susan for an amazing trip to Vegas!