I’m Super Stumped

Well, it’s done.

The teeth are out. All four of them. YES. I had four teeth plucked from my jaw on Friday and somehow, I’m cruising like normal. It’s probably all the drugs they gave me because other than a little discomfort day-of, it’s been pretty painless. I’m actually kind of shocked. I thought I’d be a loopy, dopey drugged-up mess for a few days, but I wrote on Friday. Somehow, I had enough brain cells working at full capacity and I got two pages done. I’m literally shocked.

I don’t remember much. I remember panicking in the chair and staring at the water stain on the ceiling and wondering if I should mention it. But they probably know, right? Then I wondered if the ceiling repair-people had their teeth done at that dentist, and if so, did they get a discount? At some point, the oral surgeon and all his minions came in and I thought, okay, it’s going to happen. Brace yourself. And then the ceiling came back and I was being told (by the oral surgeon—not the ceiling) to stop shaking, but I didn’t remember shaking. Someone wiped a tear from my eye and said they were getting my husband, and then, there was Batman.

I paid extra money for the good stuff, but dude, I don’t even remember it. That’s the kind of service I’m talking about. But…why was I crying?

Whatever—the teeth are pulled. It’s done.

Onto writing news!

I do have some, but mostly that I’m all over the place. I have titles for the second and third book—woohoo!—but I’m also getting the second and third covers done in addition to the first because I want to make sure they all look good together…but I’m stuck. The current cover for ARPIP (which I’d hoped to be sharing today, but alas…) is back on the shelf because of its color. My *amazing* cover artist Joleene Naylor has given me two awesome routes the covers could go, and I like some things about the first set, and some things about the second set, and I just can’t make up my mind.

I don’t know what to do. I’m super stumped.

Still trying to figure that out while I’m writing AROG (ß abbreviated title for second book, but you don’t know it bwhahaha!) AND also writing my reader magnet which I was working on steadily during all my free time at work, but now I’ve been promoted, and am basically doing two jobs until we hire someone to replace the little I did, so I haven’t finished that story just yet. But I will. I just wish I didn’t need between seven and eight hours of sleep, because I could get so much more done. Alas. I’m a crazy, buggy-eyed bitch if I don’t.

Speaking of bitches, I got the poll results.

*shakes head*

Four-way tie between Debbie, Trish, Kerry, and Stacey.

Guess I’ll make the determining factor. Well, I did work with a Debbie that I loathed, but more recently, I worked with one whom I absolutely adored, so Debbie is out. Stacey is a sister-in-law (plus I like that song Stacy’s Mom. Know it?) and Batman has an Aunt Trish…which means I do too, so Stacey and Trish are out.

Kerry is the winner!

Whomever submitted the name “Kerry,” feel pride knowing not only have you named a minor character of a future best-seller, but you immortalized a personal bitch as a bitch. When you think about it, that’s pretty friggin awesome.

Okay, I’m off to stare at both sets of covers and try and wrap my mind around which one works best for the series. I’m also going to write AROG and work on my reader magnet story. And oh, yeah, my newsletter. Can’t forget that bad-boy either.


Glad I have my boxed wine.

~Lady Caitlin

Character Name Poll / Pattern of My Brain

First, thank you to everyone who called out their favorite bitch. You all are rockstars, and one of these amazing names will actually be a character in A Royal Pairing in Perish! Only a handful of people might read it (though the goal is a bit more…) but even so, a story is a story, and once handed to the world, it becomes real—even for one person. And this office brown-nosing butt-munch will live inside that person’s head, which means you helped craft life. Kinda cool.

And, since I used my “Patricia” placeholder up until the very end, I forfeit my right to choose the name I like the most. This one will be decided by you guys, in this poll, that I’ve so masterfully crafted with WordPress’s help. The choices:

Vote for your favorite, and I’ll reveal the results next week. I already know what I’m leaning toward, but again, this one’s going to be chosen by you! So, let’s see who makes it in the book.

Second, I’m finally having my dental surgery.

*throws confetti*

Wait—what? Dental surgery.

*stops throwing confetti*

*walks over confetti to get boxed wine*

*drinks and sobs*

This is the pattern of my brain every time I think about it. Because yes, I am FOR SURE excited to finally fix this horrible issue which causes me immense amount of pain. So much that some days I wake up not sure I’ll be able to chew, while other mornings, I’m convinced my teeth have all shifted over the night because the big-bad-wisdom tooth has bullied them over. Still, as suuuuuper excited as I am to finally be done with this ridiculous pain, I am legit terrified.

Because…like…it’s surgery. In my mouth. They’re pulling teeth and I’ll have stitches and will need to drink my meals for a weak and it’s like…a thing. A major, scary thing that I really don’t want to do. But, I’ve been doing the opposite—living in pain and avoidance—for far too long, and it’s just not working for me anymore. So, I need to be brave. At least, I have to make sure Batman drives me to the appointment on Friday, because once I’m there, I can’t back out. And if I drive myself, who knows? I might end up at a Starbucks drive-through instead.

What about you? Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? Do you hate going to the dentist? And did you vote on your favorite Karen name above?

I’m dying to know on all accounts.

~ Lady Caitlin

Starting To Feel A Little Offended

I did the stupid thing.

I waited until I was in absolute pain to make a dentist appointment. Was I aware there was a problem with my back wisdom tooth? Of course. I’ve known for a while that it was going to cause major issues down the line and I should probably get it (along with the other three) removed. So, what did I do? I went on living my life knowing it would be future-Caitlin’s problem.

And it is.

I’m her.

Present-Caitlin is now dealing with the most outrageous pain and my oral consultation has been rescheduled twice due to short staffing issues. Like, I’m dying over here. I’m popping Advils like they’re M&Ms because it’s one of the few things that keeps the pain away. So, don’t do the stupid thing and put your problems on future-you. It doesn’t work out AND it can be painful. Just my sage piece of advice for you (and your dental needs) today. (And tomorrow).

But it’ll be alright. It’s my own fault which makes the whole thing more annoying, but the really annoying thing is that the oral surgery consultation has been rescheduled twice because come on, people, let’s get this over with. Again, my own fault, but I’m already doing the adulting-thing and making the appointments to go pay the money to hear the terrible noises so someone can put tools in my mouth and take out my bad teeth. That part is taken care of by me. I just need the dentist-people to do their part and let me come visit. Honestly, I’m starting to feel a little offended.

Just look at my mouth.


That’s all I want.

For the love of everything sacred, will an oral surgeon *please* give me the A-Okay to get the surgery scheduled and the teeth pulled? That’d be fabulous. The left side of my mouth can’t carry all the chewing much longer, and I’m running out of time, so I’m really hoping this new appointment doesn’t get bumped again. I may cry if it does.

So, again, I repeat: don’t do what I did. Take care of future-you. He/She/Them/It/Whatever is really depending on you to step up today. And besides, it feels a little good to give back, doesn’t it? Even if it’s to yourself? I see you nodding.

Off to pop another Advil.

Until next week (and hopefully after my non-rescheduled appointment)…


Lady Caitlin