I Moved The Needle

Last year, I got booted off Radish because my book violated their TOS (*eyeroll*) But, it was the best thing that could’ve happened because it inspired me to write something specifically for Radish. A story that would make money and wouldn’t violate their TOS (*eyeroll again*). So, I did what all the articles said I should be doing: I wrote to market.

One of my favorite tropes is enemies to lovers. Pair that with forced proximity? Ahh there you go! Two hot tropes that are definitely selling. So, I wrote this little story about high school students who were sworn enemies and it ended up turning into a complete companion series to the main one I was writing. You might’ve heard of it…it’s a little something called In The Moment Before. 😊

Anyway, the whole reason/conception behind ITMB was to put it on Radish to hopefully make some money since my headless man series was starting to make money before they pulled it. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m uploading sections from In The Moment During onto Radish and I MOVED THE NEEDLE.

Seven cents, guys. SEVEN CENTS. It took almost a year, two full length novellas to write, covers to design—the whole shebang—and I finally moved the needle on this platform. I’m back to making (miniscule) money, but still. I MOVED THE NEEDLE. Figured this was worth its own post.

(And it is) but I also have:

In The Moment During Advanced Reader Copies – available here!

I’m also looking for:

A Return of Ghosts Beta Readers – let me know if you’re interested. Please. I need someone else to read this before I send it off to the editor. (Please sense the desperation in my voice…)

Happy Wednesday!

~ LC

Big Steps Here

(From last week…finally posting!)

Alright, I did it.

I updated my Better Than This series (aka my headless man series) with their new covers.

Woot! 😊

I’m extremely impressed with myself since the task seemed impossible and daunting and filled with a million steps buuuuuut it’s finally done! And I made it without destroying my computer, the internet, or myself. Big steps here, folks. Big steps.

I’m mentioning this first because it’s what I worked on all weekend. There were MANY steps to get this monumental task completed, and I hit each one. AND got laundry done. AND got a jump on cleaning the house. I mean, can I get the award for most productive this weekend already? Seriously…

The second thing I’m mentioning is my fancy dinner celebrating the release of A Royal Pairing in Perish—decided on a whim. As a reminder, this released in March. And, for every release, I’m gifting myself a fancy dinner to celebrate NOT giving up. Because I got overwhelmed with deciding on a fancy restaurant, we never ended up going. But Saturday night, Batman and I dined in our local Italian eatery…and somehow…magically…that became the big fancy dinner. Had I known, I might’ve dressed up slightly more. But, it is what it is.

Let’s see…I’m finishing final edits on In The Moment During which means the ARC will be available later this month. I’ve also finished the second round of edits on A Return of Ghosts and I *just* started writing In The Moment After. I’m working, guys. Promise.

That’s all I got this week. Hope you’re enjoying yours and if I don’t see you around the interweb, we’ve got a date for next Wednesday. Alright excited 😊

~ LC

What Do You Think?

I’ve been feeling off. Even for me. I think it’s a healthy dose of depression, anxiety, and too much coffee.

I actually ended up going to the doctor due to chest pains. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me since I get sporadic bursts of pain in different parts of my body (I still think they’re ‘growing pains’ even though I’m pushing forty…) Buuuuuut since I have a family history of heart disease, I figured it was smart to go in and make sure everything is still working. All is well (as I assumed) but you never know. The one time I don’t check is when I’ll be having a heart attack. But I know to go to the hospital if I feel pain in my arm—so I got that going for me.

Other than fake issues/scary anxiety, I’m doing great! 😊 If you missed my newsletter, you missed the HUGE announcement regarding my Better Than This series. Ready? Yeah, you seem ready. Here it goes:

I’ve got new covers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently referred to as my headless man series, I think these updated covers for Better Than This, Better Than Now, and Better Than You are more on point with the story. A friend even said they have a ‘Colleen Hoover’ vibe to them, which I’ll take since that lady is on FIRE selling books. What do you think?

Since updating covers is more than just updating covers (inside copy needs to be updated, backmatter, ect.) these babies won’t be ready until mid-May or so. Soooo, if you want a vintage/original copy of any of these books, buy them now. Otherwise, wait until mid-May to get your Colleen Hoover-vibe updated versions. All the excitement, guys.


In The Moment During will be available as Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) this month! Let me know if you’d like a copy and we’ll get that set up.

A Return of Ghosts will need beta readers toward the end of this month/early June. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll get that set up.

All I got today, guys. Please send positive energy, good vibes, and Christ Pratt if you can find him.

~ LC

All The Excitement

I went to the Prom 😊

Again! And this time, it was in the 80’s…which is interesting since my own was in the early 2000s. But this time, I had the honor of going with my husband and not a weirdo semi-stalker who ended up cheating on me. But bullet dodged because I found Batman who is a *billion* times better. Seriously—thank God for adulterous high school relationships.

Did I remember to take any pictures? No. But a lovely friend snagged our official prom photo which I just nabbed from FB:

Unlike several of the other attendees, I did not order my dress from Amazon. I went to our local thrift store the morning of the party and found my ensemble. A little risky? Sure, but why throw money at Bezos for poor quality (per the reviews) when I could get the real deal? And it wasn’t just any prom – it was a murder-mystery! We were each assigned characters to play so we could figure out who the murderer was and how the crime was committed. Somehow, I ended up 16 and pregnant by the class president (?) and even worse, I went home with the murdering janitor that very evening. Boy, a trip to the 80s was not what I thought it would be.

On the book front: I do have some news to share…but it’s coming next week. However, if you’re signed up for my *fabulous* newsletter (and why wouldn’t you be?) you’ll find out on Sunday. It has to do with my Better Than This series. BWHAHAHAHA….

Otherwise, I’m finishing up edits on In The Moment During (June release) AND going through A Return of Ghosts (September release)—both I’m suuuuuper excited for! Also, did I mention I plan on doing a crossover of the companion series into the main one? That’s right. Grayson and Robin will join Nik and June in the final TCATC book. All the excitement!

That’s it for me today, kids. It’s end of month at my day-job, so I need to focus and go insane. But you’ll be hearing from me next Wednesday. Or Sunday with exciting news. Your choice 😊

~ LC

I Must Do All The Things

Well, I’ve hit a dry spell.

With selling books. For a little bit there, I was moving one to two units a day! (Although they were usually free. But still. Movement is movement and hopefully leads to more movement…) But now that’s stopped and I’m staring at my phone wondering if it’s broken because the same ugly zero has been staring aggressively at me for the last few days.

Mean, angry zero.

Okay, yes—I’ve taken a break with tiktock, and with marketing in general. I know. I know. But I’m tired and really need to focus on editing ITMD and working the next draft of AROG. I mean, product is just as important as advertising product, right? No? I don’t know.


I got them Friday. I really want to open the box and see my books but opening them is a “thing” now apparently. You read that right. Unboxing personal indie author books is a “thing” so I need to do this “thing” and I keep forgetting because the house needed ridiculous amounts of cleaning and I got the edits for ITMD and the doggies needed playing. So…the box is still sitting there. Waiting to get unboxed. Because that’s a thing. And I’m an author and I must do all the things.

Guess what I’m saying is…keep an eye out for that spectacular video 😉

Think that’s all for now. If not, I’m sure I’ll be popping into the FB group for an update. That, or it will wait until next week. Either way, still be on the lookout for my unboxing video.

~ LC

Happy Birthday, Batman

Batman found a tick on me this weekend.


*a thousand shudders*

Yeah. I know. Ick. Ick to the thousandth degree because grrrooosss. And please don’t for a second think I’m some weird swamp lady who lives out in the Florida wilderness with the gators and mosquitos and a poor version of Florida Man. I don’t. I just have two German Shorthaired Pointers who sleep on the bed and the outdoor/active one saddles against me every night. He is the prime culprit and I blame him entirely for the violation.

But he’s adorable and I love him and can’t be mad at him.

Still. Grrrooosss.

Batman discovered the bloody stowaway while celebrating his birthday weekend in Daytona. No crazy meth heads yelling at us, but plenty of homeless wandering the nearby streets, looking for handouts. Good thing we stayed on resort avenue, which was easily walkable to everything, including the Ihop and Starlight Diner across the street. Batman and I have a thing about diners, and I’m not sure if it’s because we both love Dick Tracy or because diners are old-school and remind us of a time we never really experienced. Also, they’re used in a lot of movies, and Batman and I love movies so…yeah.

We also walked along the beach one morning and did some fun touristy things because we’re mentally children and not going to apologize. Why should we?

 Also: a reminder to everyone that fainting is the opposite of sexy. No, I didn’t have another situation, but after standing in the cramped—SUPER STUFFY—Coldstone Creamery (ice-cream shop) line for about twenty minutes, I felt myself grow dizzy. It was the same dizzy that took me out of the Finding Nemo waiting line at Epcot and straight outside to vomit. I was really bummed too because I wanted my mint chocolate chip and felt I’d waited long enough to get it.

Then the dizzying spell hit and I knew—I KNEW—I had to sit down or the ground would find me first. Again, you think it’s sexy because Christ Pratt or whoever might come out of nowhere to collect your graceful body before it lands softly amongst the grass or whatever. Nope. Wrong. It’s about you versus gravity and someone’s got to win. (Sadly, Chris Pratt doesn’t show up so you’re on your own, and gravity—as you come to realize—is quite the opponent).

No, I didn’t fate. Thankfully. I made it outside to a bench quick enough to regulate my breathing and focus on calming down. Silly, weird, body. Batman let me have some of his ice-cream, so that was nice. I know he’s my husband, but sharing is food is a huge thing for him. Just reenforces he has no current plan to kill me. Sweet thing.

Lots of writerly updates but eh—we’ll take a break this week. My baby has survived another year of life, and that deserves its own post.

So, happy birthday, Batman. Thanks for all the inspiration and love.

We’ll celebrate in the castle-mansion soon.

~ L. C.

Blessed Like That

Remember how I was supposed to go to my celebratory dinner this weekend?


I forgot about it until kind of the last minute, and then put out the word to my coworkers that I was looking for a nice “occasion” restaurant, and I got a flood of suggestions. Cool, right? Right…except the information and decision-making grew to this overwhelming anxious knot of needing to pick something as soon as possible so I could make the reservation. But, what do I do when I get overwhelmed? That’s right. I don’t do anything. I stick my head in the ground like *Wilhelm and wait for the storm to pass. Because even choosing an “occasion” restaurant can send me into anxiety overdrive. Blessed like that.

So instead of enjoying a celebratory dinner, Batman and I went to our local pizza eatery for a nice lunch—and that in itself was an experience (like all our dining-out adventures). Our server didn’t come to our table for the first ten minutes, but sent over the Hodor/Lurch-esque host to get our drinks after I started shooting every server angry eyes—mostly because people who came after us were getting served. (Yes, I’m a hangry little brat, but I don’t each much anyway. So, when I do get hungry, I want to eat…and preferably in a reasonable timeframe.)

Other than that, we didn’t do much this weekend, which I am FINE with. Actually, I put all the marketing assignments for myself on hold and worked on A Return of Ghosts (Book 2 in TCATC series) which releases this September. I just wrote and it was woooonnnnddddeeerrrffffuullll. Part of me felt guilty for not working on the marketing stuff, but meh. I need product to market, right? Right.

Other than that, Batman and I are quite boring. However, his birthday is this coming Monday, so we’re heading to Daytona for a little mini getaway to celebrate the aging caped crusader. Also, the resort has an infinity pool…so there’s that.

Exciting times lay ahead, y’all.

(I think?) that’s it for this week. I am still planning to do a signed giveaway of A Royal Pairing in Perish at some point, but I need people who actually want a signed copy hehehe… Once we get there, we’ll readdress the signed giveaway 😉

Anyway, here’s to a happy week, month, year, and lifetime.

But day by day, right?

~ LC *Wilhelm is our future ostrich. Batman and I plan on having ostrich races. Yes, we are those people.

Positive Fun Vibes – ARPIP Releases Friday!

Guess who’s back from Reggae Rise Up?

You’re so smart. That’s right—me. And yes, it was frigging awesome! If I didn’t mention it (I think I did?) RRU is an annual outdoor festival cloaked in an herbal cloud with groovy music by some amazing artists. Oh yeah. Definitely the recharge I needed.

Batman and I headed down Thursday night, but we didn’t start the festival fun until Friday afternoon, a few hours before Sublime and Rebelution came on (our highlights). Getting ready to go:

I did try to take photos, but the sun was blinding and I couldn’t see anything on my phone. I ended up taking a lot of tiktoks that are still in my drafts (due to their super poor quality) so we’ll see what becomes of them, which is likely nothing. Perhaps. I might post one here or there when I get bored. Or desperate for content…

The food at the festival was great! Especially the fried Oreos, which I tried multiple times, just to make sure. No, I did not use the porta pottys because I have a reoccurring nightmare about disgusting bathrooms, so I watched my water intake and let the music and fog take me away…

And then Summer fell into my life.

Literally. Actually, she laid down on the blanket in front of me and Batman in the middle of Rebelution’s performance. Now, who’s Summer? Great fucking question, because I still don’t know. But she was drunk as a skunk and definitely on something stronger than I ever want to try. Because, after discovering *quite quickly* that she couldn’t really stand, she fell into the guard rail—hard. Like really hard. Summer was having quite the night, though I doubt she remembers any of it. Like me. Or hanging with us until her brother and his livid girlfriend arrived to collect her. Or my bruised, scraped thumb I have as a souvenir. But that’s how festival-going goes.

The entire weekend was awesome, even though our hotel room had the world’s longest walk and this angry meth head freaked out on us while we were waiting for an Uber—still a GREAT weekend! If you like reggae music (Rebelution, Sublime, Collie Buddz, Koffee, ect.), being outside with cool people (except you, Summer. Get your shit together) then I highly suggest Reggae Rise Up if you get the chance. 😊


Okay, guys. This is it. It’s this week. This motherfucking week. You know what that means:

  1. Celebratory dinner.

With each novella/novel release, I’ve decided I’m treating myself and Batman to an “occasion” meal which is a fancy way of saying an expensive restaurant we have no reason going to. But we do! For I am releasing another book baby into the world which super calls for extravagant dining in a fancy restaurant we’d not normally go to. (Mind you, when I say extravagant, I mean a level or two above Chilis. We’re not going crazy here—we’re still low middleclass as long as middleclass is still a thing) For In The Moment Before, Batman and I went to the Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine. It was December, required a reservation, and other than being guilted that we were just a party of two (and not four or more, like our server wanted) it was lovely. It’s time for our next outing, hopefully without an opinionated server. Current choice options include:

  • Coopers Hawk
  • Cheesecake Factory
  • Maggiano’s

I’m stuck and need more options. This is where you come in. Please either vote on one of the below OR add your own for a new possibility. Come on, guys. You can help Batman and me feel like one of the wealthy for a night! Help send us in our pumpkin carriage to a ball with better than awesome food. That’s all I ask.

2) Celebratory Giveaway

That’s never been a thing I’ve done—BUT I’M STARTING IT. That’s right. Once I figure out how, I’m hosting a raffle giveaway for a signed paperback edition of A Royal Pairing in Perish, a new tradition for each coming release. The raffle giveaway will likely be in next week’s post, so keep an eye out for that if you’re into free awesome stuff.

Alright, I feel like I’ve taken enough of your time even though I could ramble on for another few hours so I’m going to end it here. Quick recap of all the stuff:

A Royal Pairing in Perish releases this Friday. Woot!

Help me decide where to celebrate with Batman. Please.

Keep an eye out for the signed paperback giveaway. Another woot!

Keep an eye out for Summer. (Seriously)

Have a fab-fab-FABULOUS week. I’m sending you all the happy, positive, fun vibes! 😊

~ LC

Deadpool Shoulder

You know how I don’t take great care of myself? Right. Well, after living in Florida my entire life, you’d think I’d remember to apply generous amounts of sunscreen whilst out at the beach. You’d be wrong. We’d both be wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my Deadpool shoulder:

I know—gross. Yuck. Ick.

But this is who I am and currently, what I look like. I knew an impromptu trip to the beach would require some protection, but the gentle mist of the low-level sun spray lotion (whatever it was) didn’t do shit. Or I didn’t apply enough. Or the wind took it away from my skin—I don’t know. But I came out looking like this and sadly, I am still not fully healed.

It’s all good. Some part of me is always in pain or in danger of being in pain, like my nail that tried to break in the pink part (Batman thinks that is the funniest thing. ‘In the pink part’ but, like, how else do you say it? It’s literally THE PINK PART). Thank God I reinforced it with homemade technology (I’m resourceful like that) so it broke off right where it needed to—at the precipice of safety.

Before that, my mouth was under attack by my teeth, and their throbbing bullshit about too much caffeine and sugar passing through. I don’t know. I also had this thing growing on my elbow—this hard bump thing that started as a bug bite, but, due to constant irritation (continual pressure on the table) it hardened and got mean and that was its whole own thing.

One day I’ll be wealthy enough to afford the drugs to make it all go away.

Until then, it’s chewing on the correct side of my mouth and maybe wearing gloves and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD applying sunscreen so I don’t develop Deadpool shoulder again. As much as I crush on the anti-superhero, once is enough.

GOOD NEWS—I’m going to Reggae Rise Up later this week! It’s an outdoor music festival featuring the best of Reggae and similar chill vibes. Batman and I are stoked to see Sublime, but I’m also looking forward to Rebelution as well. Definitely what I need after the year I’ve had at work this month, and an epically scary sunburn I’ve been hiding for a week.

But good times are coming. Good, relaxing times, chill and fun times.

Just got to remember the sunscreen.

God, I hope I remember the sunscreen


Last minute info! I’m participating in the Luck of the Irish week-long book event where readers can win a Kindle, paperbacks or ebooks! I’m just going to leave this right here…

Burnt, Slim, and Writing

I’m burnt.

I think that covers everything—my mental state and definitely my red, red skin which still hasn’t faded to an attractive brown tan. Give it a couple of days. I’ll be looking good.

I’ve been wanting to discuss the surprise party we’ve been planning for my wonderful sister’s birthday this past weekend. Coordinating something so large with people flying in, a restaurant catering manager with poor communication skills, and wishing items from Etsy weren’t so expensive…it’s been…a lot. But so, so worth it, and everything came together beautifully! Even these lovely red shoulders I got from an impromptu trip to the beach:

Work has also been crazy. And not the good crazy. The crazy-crazy that causes anxiety and stress and contributes to the BEST diet ever—the corporate America diet. Screw Slim Fast (I’ve tried) Jenny Craig (haven’t tried) and whatever new fad diet is popular. Want to shed some pounds? Get yourself a seat in corporate America and the weight will literally fall off. Tip from me to you 😉

Amidst the party and forced dieting—yes—I am still writing and yes—I’m wobbling along trying to keep to my schedule. Does it work? Eh. Half the time. But half the time is better than zero percent of the time…so I got that going for me.

If you haven’t heard me shouting it from the rooftops, A Royal Pairing in Perish is now available as an ARC! All I ask is an honest review on Amazon, Goodreads, the blimp outside your house—wherever. I’m also accepting beta responses for In The Moment During. I just need those back rather quickly as I need to get it over to the editor by 3/20.

That’s my news, folks. I’m burnt, slim, and writing.

Living the good life.

What about you?

~ LC