Love is a Giant Eyeball

Yesterday Batman and I went to the MOSH (Museum of Science & History) which is very similar to MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) except that MOSH is better because it’s in the city where Batman grew up (the city I now live) and therefore—logic. You’re right, there’s no logic there, but sometimes we have to let Batman win. Just like the Wookie.


Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I found this really cute plush eyeball in the gift shop while we were waiting around to see the $5 laser show we sprung for. We went for the traveling Anne Frank exhibit which was okay but small and according to the Caped Crusader, “filled with pictures we’ve already seen in person.” (Batman and I traveled to Amsterdam and saw the Anne Frank house in 2010. You should go. Amazing in person.) But while we were waiting for the show, I spot this plush eyeball and he offers to buy it for me. I never know if he’s being serious because Batman offers to buy everything that makes me laugh. But I think—how cool would it be to have a giant eyeball, right?



Turns out, the laser show was twenty minutes of pop songs with weird light projections and at one point, a flying green fetus. Strange. And with the Anne Frank exhibit being a bit of a dud, I can honestly say that getting Seymour was my favorite part of my MOSH experience, so much in fact, that he holds a place of honor in the office.



How was your Saturday? Ever buy random plush body parts? What’s something you and yours enjoy doing together?

Blood Moon Rising and Savannah, Bitches

I was supposed to advertise this, like, a whole bunch last month, but with my 31st birthday *cough I’m still 26 cough*, an awesome trip to Savannah, and a whole lot of working OT and being somewhat stressed at work, I didn’t. Time got away from me and here we are in October, the very month I was supposed to talk about because it is the month of the Blood Moon Rising. And thirteen nights of Halloween. And pumpkin-spice everything season. But mostly that first thing. Because Blood Moon Rising is a month-long event of celebrating authors (and their works) of Fantasy, Sci-fi and horror. You know, the things I write. 😉

Here’s the rundown: every day an author takes over with a few days highlighted for interactive activities, special talent days—stuff like that. Some people do giveaways. I would like to do one if I ever figure out how to, but until then, it’s a whole bunch of my writing up there for me. If you’re interested, my day is this Tuesday, October 4th. I’ll be posting a few short stories, some Q&As and various segments from my dark fantasy romance, Rozmarie & Josiah. I’ll  also be posting throughout the day (literally on the half hour) and would love it if you would stop by. Or hover in the corner and watch silently. Either way works.

But you should definitely think about swinging by at some point to check out all the cool people and things. It’s a month-long event, filled with tons of different authors all doing different activities, all sharing their fantastical, science-fictiony, horror-tastic works. And word has it there are prizes. Even a Grand Prize that readers like YOU can win. All you have to do is hang out with us for a bit, comment or like, and you’ve thrown your name in that hat. It’s that easy. I’ll also be there, lingering creepily in the background, hanging out with the fellow weirdos as well. You know, where I belong 😉

Alright, now onto all those awesome Savannah pictures you had no idea you’d be seeing until this very moment:

Because Batman is a history buff…


Fort Jackson


Here we go!


…something, something, history…something…


Who doesn’t enjoy a good view of invaders?


and a tunnel of doors

Onto the city!







I mean, I had to



…which we later found out was haunted…


When they say ‘fried quail’ they mean literally fried quail.



part of SCAD



graffiti from a bathroom



And there you have it. A quick picture tour through “the most haunted city in America”, which is interesting since St. Augustine makes the same claim…

Remember, Blood Moon Rising is a month long event – so it’s happening now! Be sure to think about dropping by this Tuesday (Oct 4th) and maybe even acting on that thought. I’d love to feel your invisible presence. Yes, even you my silent stalkers  🙂

P.S. You should *totally* go to Savannah. It’s awesome.

P.P.S. And get the pralines from the River Street Candy Store. Possibly the best thing you’ll ever do. Trust me.




IWSG: Do it. I did.

Today I’m releasing my fourth book.

Woo hoo!

And also *don’t look at me*

Well it’s up on. On Smashwords and Amazon and I’m very proud of myself for having gotten to this stage. It’s taken a lot of time, and a lot of effort, and I’m happy I stuck through it all.

I will say Crusade Across Worlds was more difficult to write than the first three, partly because of how the story went, but it had a lot to do a lot with what I was experiencing in my own life at the time. Thank you to everyone who’s read Escape, Plague and Discovery, or who’s offered a kind or supportive word. It means more than you know. Truly.

So, yep, here it is.

Fourth book in the series.

And guys—GUYS—shit just got real.


Fallon has just returned from three months of training and is eager to fight against those who enslaved her. Joining up with Reid and the gang, they set out to prepare for the Vermix’s final attack—a highly prophesied invasion that could mean the possible end to a centuries-long war. But when unforeseen events arise, causing the plan of defense to crumble, it will take everything they have to survive what will certainly become a turning point in the Arizal War.

Find it on Smashwords here.

Find it on Amazaon here.

For all of you terrified weirdos out there like me, I clicked the publish button. And if I can do it, you can too. And if you can’t, read through a few more of these blogs. You’ll find the encouragement you need.

Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is a monthly blog hop for writers at all levels to share their fears and insecurities in a safe and encouraging place. Please drop by and say hi to Alex Cavanaugh who started this nifty concept in bringing us all together.

Hello Online Media. Now I’ve got an Instagram

It must be the twilight zone because I now have an Instagram.


The not-really-a-social media-person-person.

This blog was like, a big step. Two years (I think?) and I’m still wary about what I put up, how much content to share and if there really are people hiding in the bushes. Not because I think I’m like *totally* stalkable (even though I am, and have been) but it’s the personal information thing. The, “oh she posted that one picture of her window and using my dope techie skills, I now know where she lives” thing. It’s shit like that that really freaks me out, especially since I’m pretty sure the government watches me through the television. Batman thinks I’m paranoid. I’m not paranoid. I’m cautious. The less people know, the less they can use against you and all that. But when you’re trying not to fade into the shadows, it’s difficult to keep up with others since it’s sort of a necessity in today’s society.

I didn’t want to get a blog when I did. But everything I read said I should engage in some form of social media if I want to make it. I’ve got to have an online presence or I don’t exist. There went my sitting in the back of the class, hoping the teacher didn’t call on me. And now you’re saying I HAVE TO ENGAGE WITH PEOPLE? TO LIKE, BE SUCCESSFUL? Damn. Damn, damn, damn. It’s not been terrible, I admit. But still. Damn.

Anyway, Batman and I had Appa at the vet Saturday and I took (what I think) was the cutest picture of him (the dog—not Batman) and had to share it with someone, so I sent it to my sister and mom. Ahem:

Appa at the Vet

Look at that face. How is that face not to be shared? It is obviously *totes* sharable. Wanting everyone else to fall in love with him like I have, I broke down and joined Instagram. So far, Appa dominates the photos but I feel I’ve slipped another toe into the rest of modern society. I’m not a full blown social-median, but at least I’ve poked my head a little further out from behind this rock. I get points for that, right? The answer is yes, I get points for that.

And since everyone’s writing their yearly goals—and apparently I’ve succumbed to a sharing mood—I’ll join the convo:

Goal 1: Publish Crusade Across Worlds, Book 4 of Arizal Wars.

Goal 2: Market/learn to market/pay someone to market/rent a blimp with the book’s title and fly it around book conventions. Or do all four.

Goal 3: Enter more competitions/anthologies/ get my writing out there.

Goal 4:  Go to another writing/reading convention and make friends/connections. Either will do.

Goal 5:  Actually reach my Goodreads reading goal of 25 books (I’m feeling more optimistic about this one).

Goal 6: Learn to play Hallelujah on the keyboard I’ve been neglecting. (Dad, I’m finally making use of this gift. Only three years late!)

Goal 7: Keep up the positivity / continue to say no to stress and worry. They solve nothing.

I’m sure there are more goals I want to achieve but I’ll figure them out as I go. Plus, seven seems like an attainable number and as I’d like to reach each finish line, I’ll start with these. What about you guys? Anything you want to accomplish in 2016? Are you going to join modern society with social media a bit more like me? What do you visualize for yourself for the next twelve months?

Not Quite a Flying Bison

I couldn’t decide which picture would best sum up Appa.

I think this one of him sleeping is it:


Ladies and gentlemen, I have a puppy. And after four weeks he is STILL ALIVE.

Does this mean I might be able do to the same with a baby one day? Nope, not likely. But at least there’s some hope now.

I meant to write this post about the world’s most adorable (and amazing) puppy like, three weeks ago, but the problem with having the world’s most adorable (and amazing) puppy is finding time to blog about said dog. Thank God I took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. Pretty sure I scored an eye roll from Batman every time I whipped out the phone but come on, man, dog’s only going to stay a pup for so long. Besides, it’s my responsibility as a new puppy-mommy to share adorable pics with people who like looking at cute photos of dogs they don’t have to take care of.

So, without further ado, say hello to Appa:


“I want to cuddle up next to you. Is that alright?”



“I wasn’t the one who chewed on the blanket. I promise.”


“Lady, get the f****** phone out of my face.”

No, I'm not trying to write or anything.

“I know you’re trying to write but…”


“What do you mean ‘bad dog?'”


“Ssshh, mom. I see something.”


“I’m sexy and I know it.”


“Hmm, wonder where we’re going next.”


“I f****** love car rides.”


“…and sleeping on daddy.”


“Get away from my paws, mom. That’s weird.”


“Remember my name.”

Totes adorbs. Totes in love.


He may not be a flying pet bison (The Last Airbender anyone?) but he’s the best German Short Haired Pointer EVER. And I love him. And you should too. And I will try not to let him keep me from writing but a new puppy-mom’s got to do what a new puppy-mom’s got to do.


And that’s loving the shit out of this little fucker.

Esplain me, Lucy, IWSG

Six days in and it’s time for IWSG, when the cool kids come together to talk about writing, to discuss all the worries and fears and doubts that accompany this nail-biting, sweaty-finger-pulling, rejection-filled life. And how do we combat this bullshit? With encouragement! And support! And inspiration for one another! Because being a writer is tough. Really tough. You have to believe in yourself and that’s what we’re here to do. So if you write (just starting out or are super accomplished) check out this blog hop and find your family. We got your back.

My (main) insecurity?


I’m crap at marketing. Crap. Actually, I’m negative crap because I haven’t done anything with marketing. Nada. Zilch. I think I might’ve announced that I was releasing books on my blog at some point and possibly told a few friends and co-workers…. And that was about it. Yeah, no sales-employee-of-the-month over here. More of a passing-comment-employee award, I guess.  Or maybe a thumbs up? No, I deserve NO applause for any effort because there was none, which leads me to my present dilemma: how do I promote the release of a fourth book when no one really knows about the first three?

Shameful, I know.

But I’m open for some suggestions, people. Judgmental head shakes are accepted (though not appreciated) but if you could also throw out a cool idea to get the buzz going three books in, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, this one’s floating out to sea like the others, doomed to get swept under by the tide of people who actually understand what the fuck they’re doing. Showoffs.

*********  Total side note

Meet Appa:

Trent and Appa

We did. Yesterday, in GA. We don’t get the little booger for another two months and I’m COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. I think Batman and I have waited for this little addition to the Coppola-Hughes family for quite a few years. And look at him, glorious in all his cuteness.

DYING from cuteness overload.

DYING from cuteness overload.

I predict he will be my new favorite family member.

Sorry, Batman.

If Indy Can Do It

I love TUT.

Here’s why:


Every morning before I swing my legs out of bed, before Batman beats me to the bathroom (and probably because of it) I read my TUT. And it is strangely amazing how accurate it reflects thoughts in my life, especially recent ones.

I’m going to NY two weeks from today (TWO WEEKS PEOPLE) to a conference where I can hopefully learn how to market myself and – here’s the fun part – pitch the book that I only really started writing in April, to real, live agents who could *possibly* take me on as a new client. Probable? Eh, not really. But possible?

…Anything is possible.

I’m down to crumbs in my account, I don’t have a new job yet and sometimes I feel like everything is riding on how well I, someone who’s known to blank in sorta important situations, can deliver a good pitch. I’m standing on the cliff, and I know – I KNOW – there are sharp as shit, slice-ya-up rocks at the bottom, but I’m tired of looking at them. So they’re down there. So what? Sometimes you’ve got to take a leap of faith. I mean, hell, Mr. Jones had to do it on his journey to the fountain of youth. Member? You member, the whole ‘leap of faith.’


God, I love Indian Jones.

*wipes drool and clears throat*


But for realzies, I’m off my rocker. I get it. I’m not doing anything that makes sense. Like… pitching a book that I only STARTED in April? (in my defense, I’ve had about 3/12 months to work on it WITHOUT the obligation of a full time job. You should still probably be scoffing now). But aren’t all great achievements the ones that made no sense at all? Or little sense? Or little logic? I’m not saying I’ll get picked up at this conference, but I’m taking a chance. A leap of faith for the possibility of something better. And I owe it to myself.

So there’s this really cool quote that I try to live by:

“Death whispers in my ear and says… live, for I am coming.”

Sometimes I like to pretend I’m already dead (creepy, right? Just go with it). What would I tell my living self? Knowing the end game is the same: you’re given a certain amount of time, and that’s it. Would I still live with caution? Or would I actually… live?

What about you?

How would you have lived your life if you were already dead? The same?

Or would you do it all differently?