Sale on Superhero Fiction 10.23.23

Random Sunday Post. Someone’s got to keep you on your toes. 😉

I’m actually popping on to announce a HUGE sale tomorrow – of superheroes!


I know. There are other people who write about superheroes, albeit sub-genres different from romance. But they exist! And they’ll all be on sale tomorrow for 0.99. Not *quite* free, but come on, guys – 0.99? You have that in your couch. Or maybe in your wallet for those old-school, cash-carrying gangstas.

But 0.99 is an awesome deal, especially for so many different kinds of stories about superheroes! So, I hope you take a look around, because I bet you’ll find something up your alley.

Click here for all the superhero deals!

Have fun and good luck!

~ LC