Sale on Superhero Fiction 10.23.23

Random Sunday Post. Someone’s got to keep you on your toes. 😉

I’m actually popping on to announce a HUGE sale tomorrow – of superheroes!


I know. There are other people who write about superheroes, albeit sub-genres different from romance. But they exist! And they’ll all be on sale tomorrow for 0.99. Not *quite* free, but come on, guys – 0.99? You have that in your couch. Or maybe in your wallet for those old-school, cash-carrying gangstas.

But 0.99 is an awesome deal, especially for so many different kinds of stories about superheroes! So, I hope you take a look around, because I bet you’ll find something up your alley.

Click here for all the superhero deals!

Have fun and good luck!

~ LC

Ten Years of Publishing

It’s October, guys.

The leaves (for some) are changing, there’s a cool breeze in the air when the sun doesn’t hate us, and for those businesspeople, it’s the start of the fourth quarter.

Ah, fall.

As excited as I am about sweater weather, this October means something different. Something special. Something that reminds me to keep going. That I haven’t given up yet—because I haven’t. This October marks the ten-year anniversary of publishing my first book, Escape from Harrizel (Arizal Wars series).

I can’t believe it. It feels likes yesterday, and not an entire decade ago. Ten years, guys. Where did that time go? Since releasing EFH in October 2013, I’ve published:

Plague of Mybyncia (Arizal Wars)

Discovery at Nerwolix (Arizal Wars)

Crusade Across Worlds (Arizal Wars)

Better Than This (Better Than This)

Better Than Now (Better Than This)

Better Than You (Better Than This)

In The Moment Before (The Coyote and The Claw Companion)

A Royal Pairing in Perish (The Coyote and The Claw)

In The Moment During (The Coyote and The Claw Companion)

I might’ve genre-hopped a little, but I wrote the stories I wanted to (and will continue to do so). So, I couldn’t let this milestone pass without doing…a little something.

To celebrate publishing my first book TEN YEARS AGO, I’m doing a giveaway for FREE signed paperback of Escape from Harrizel with $25 gift card 😊 Woohoo! In order to enter, all you need to do is tell me. That’s it. Send an email, a text, a DM. I’ll take carrier pigeons and snail mail, but I draw the line at insects and creepy crawlers. Keep that stuff to yourself.

So…what’re you waiting for? Don’t you want to celebrate with me by owning your very own copy (with updated cover) AND a gift card of money—all free? AND you’re supporting an indie author. I mean, seriously…what’re you waiting for?

Thanks for being so supportive, guys. For the last decade, I couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s to you, and what’s next to come!