Anxiety For The Win

Okay, yes, I missed another one.

I’m not perfect here, guys. I know it seems like I am. I know you THINK I am (and I’m flattered. Honestly) but I’m just not perfect. Even I mess up stuff from time to time…like remembering to post my ONE weekly blog on the SAME day, a schedule that hasn’t changed since 2017. Also missed my last newsletter. I’m on a roll here, y’all.


Happy September! It’s my birthday month so I’m excited for all the reasons. We have a trip to Atlanta planned, we’re doing another toy/comic show, and I’m working on my first giveaway! It will be via Instagram, because that’s where all these dirty deeds go down. What will I be giving away? A signed physical copy of In The Moment Before. Woot!

Honestly, I’m terrified to do this. Weird since it should be this fun, exciting thing, right? But what if:

  • I mess up the raffle somehow
  • I pick the wrong raffle-winner method
  • No one participates
  • Somebody does and it’s a troll

I have all the fears. Most irrational, sure. But I’ve locked myself out of my home more times than I care to admit, I have trouble with easy math as well as operating normal door and gate locks. There are parts of my brain that are incredibly stupid. And I’m sure—I’M SURE—I can easily mess this up. Anxiety for the win, am I right?

Buuuttt also, eh.

So, what if I mess it up? I’ve gotten pretty good at messing things up. And getting past it. It’s all a learning game, and this is just the next obstacle.

More on that later. There’s so much to talk about (we saw Oppenheimer, Batman got me the most *amazing* sunglasses, we applied for our passports…) and then a quick burst of inspiration on Instagram had me promising to post everyday for the entire month. Why? I don’t know. I like to throw fuel on the fire, I guess. Maybe under this beauty-queen exterior lies the beating heart of a masochist?

Like I said, lots to go over, but I think we both know we’re done here. For now. This feels like a long post (maybe because I didn’t post last week?) but you seem caught up. Also—are we friends on Instagram? Want to hold me to the post-a-day challenge? I think you should. I think you should straight GOT shame me if I don’t, bell and all.

I’m @authorcgcoppola on IG. Be friends with me and shame me if I fail. Also, I’m depending on you to enter my giveaway. All the pressure here, guys. 😉

Have a great week!

~ LC