Not a Social Author

I haven’t posted a blog in TWO weeks. I really want to blame someone else, so let’s do that. It’s not my fault. It’s theirs. The nerve.

I do enjoy keeping up with my blog, but I was under a deadline to get A Return of Ghosts over to the editor for line edits. Of course I forgot to write the bonus scene with Grayson (I do a bonus scene with Black Coyote and Grayson Knight at the end of each book in both series) so I was scrambling to work on that. But I got it done! And to celebrate, I watched The Summer I Turned Pretty and The Orville because…why not?

I’m not a social author, I’ve sadly come to realize. Which is WEIRD since I’m selectively social in real life. What’s the term for that? I’m an extroverted introvert. I prefer to be alone, but can be very social in certain situations. If we’re being honest, I’d stay in my writing cave for 75% of the time, chuck the books into the void, and continue on in my normal life if I could. The social media part of me flounders daily, so the next time I miss consecutive posts, just know it’s not because I’m not working. It’s because I am working. Very hard on something. Probably some amazing story I hope you’ll read.

Let’s look at the status of my ongoing projects, shall we:

A Return of Ghosts – out to editor for line edits – releasing 12/23

In The Moment After – first draft written – releasing 6/24

A Battle of Champions – half of rough outline written – releasing 12/24

This is just to give you an idea of how far in advance I work on things/and what I work on simultaneously. Again, if I’m not on social media, I’m probably in another world writing a battle scene, as I can’t seem to escape them.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. I’ll (hopefully) have another one for you next week.


~ LC