The Focus Has Shifted

It’s official.

I’ve finished the first draft of In The Moment After, set to release June 2024. I’m done, guys.

*wipes sweat*

The epic battle scene that took three weeks to write, and then the iconic “I love you” scene after that, and tying together all the loose ends (that I’m aware of. BETA readers: I’ll need your help) but everything is written from the first scene to the last. And, while I have a vague idea of what I wrote, I really have no clue, but I’m not looking at it again for a while. Not until A Return of Ghosts is on its way to be released.

What I’m saying: the focus has shifted. I’m putting down Robin and Grayson’s story to work on June and Nikolai and their epic (and front stage) tale. Basically (for all you nerds in the back like me) we’re going from Batgirl & Robin (or Gwen & Peter if you’re a Marvel fan) to Batman and Catwoman. Not interested in either or superhero romances in general? Well, I have a contemporary romance and sci-fi adventure romance available; I’ll direct your attention there 😉

I’m trying to be more active on the social media front, as I’m not a fan of it much. But I’m trying to make the rounds. If you’ve joined Threads, are on tiktok or Insta, I’m lurking in the corner somewhere. Come find me! I promise we can be silly and laugh about things. Literally my goal in life.

Have a great week!