I Brought My Books

Batman and I did the show!

If you recall from last week’s post, I mentioned we were participating in a local toy and comic show. The event has grown in popularity to include all kinds of things across many fandoms, including several handmade items. Batman decided to become a vendor two shows back and this time, I stepped up my game as well. I brought my books.

To sell.

To answer your burning question: yes, I sold a few. I brought copies of ARPIP and ITMB and sold one of each to two friends. Then another vendor lady bought one of each as well. So (if adding correctly) that’s six books! Sure, my awesome friends stepped it up because they’re supportive AF. But I also sold two on my own. Confetti and squealing and all happy dancing for that!

Pic for proof I was there:

It was probably a good thing we did the show on Sunday. I was trapped (and still am) in an epic finale battle scene that I’ve been crawling through. So, escaping into a room of fun-fandom people for a day was refreshing and inspiring. People love their shows, stories, characters. They love whatever art speaks to them. It’s refreshing and makes me excited to crawl back into the literal trenches of this battle scene to pump out the magic.

In case you’re curious, Batman did well too! He sold a lot video games, toys, and passed out business cards this time. We’re both doing our thing and loving it.

Also, I’m doing a weekly writing update on tiktok and posting to my fb, so if you ever forget what I look like—or want proof I’m really a real person—feel free to check them out. I’ve only done two videos, and they’re mostly of my messy office and the view of my window with a water bottle, so don’t think you’ve missed anything yet. But I plan to bring y’all along my journey with the rest of the Coyote and Companion series. Because…you know…why not?

Have an awesome week 😊

~ LC

Consider That A Win



In The Moment During comes out on Friday! Woo-hoo! You’re probably sick of hearing about it and seeing those marvelous little advertisements I’m making. Well, you should be, because that means I’m doing my job—marketing. If you’re twitchy from my advertising efforts, I consider that a win. #sorrynotsorry

Pre-Order In The Moment During


My business cards came in! Old news—I agree—but I put off opening them until I could do a tiktok of the moment. Because I forget to do all the things, I only recently opened them and have yet to show you the video. I tried posting it here, but alas, technology and I are old enemies. But…if you’re super curious, it’s on my fb.


This coming Sunday, Batman and I will be vendors in a Vintage Toy & Comic show—and I’ll be selling my books! WHAT. I know. This is the first time I’ll be selling my paperbacks in person. It’s not a bookish environment per say, but half the vendors are selling DC Universe-related merchandise, so I know my Batman & Robin inspired books will be around the right type of audience.

Am I nervous? Absolutely. Do I plan on selling any books? That’s the goal, but we’ll see what reality has in store. Either way, this is another step over the line and closer to the goal: writing full time. I’ve got my business cards and my books. I’ll have some caffeine day-of.

Let’s do this.

~ LC


My business cards came in! 😊

But have I opened them? No. Because it’s like…a thing…and I need to tiktok the crap out of it, so you can see my amazing reaction just like Batman will—unless he’s distracted by one of the dogs, a toy, or a floating piece of dust. That’s my goal. Documenting this whole journey that’s normally isolated, but now you can see behind the curtain with me! (Who doesn’t like a good curtain peek?)

Keeping this one short since you get your first June newsletter from me on Thursday. But I’ll throw the important links here:

ARC for In The Moment During

Pre-Order for In The Moment During

That’s all I got for you this week. In The Moment During releases next Friday.


~ LC

Onto Something Big Here*

Let’s start with the good news:

  1. I’m not dead! Always worth reminding.
  2. I’ve (obviously) made this week’s post AND I’ll have next week’s newsletter ready to go. On track so far.
  3. I ordered business cards. BUSINESS CARDS. It’s becoming real, y’all.
  4. I worked on Canva for marketing (and made progress!)
  5. I resolved the paperback issue for Better Than You on Amazon – go ahead and grab your updated copy!
  6. I’m nearly a third of the way through writing In The Moment After and am looooovvvvviiinnnggg iiiittttt.

And for the bad news:

Since I’ve yet to locate my hordes of ravenous fans, I don’t think it will be *too* terrible to announce the shift to my publishing schedule. Whereas I was hopeful—nay I say naïve?—in producing four works a year, the money (and time) simply isn’t there. Sadly, Batman and I are still “the Poors” and can only move so far so fast. In fact, I emptied my savings to publish A Royal Pairing in Perish & In The Moment During. Self-publishing may be free to do but it ain’t cheap 😉

With that said, I’m moving to a two-a-year book release schedule because:

  1. I can afford that. Currently. Let’s see where the world goes…
  2. It will give me more time to focus on each release and advertise without feeling rushed.
  3. I’m poor.
  4. I need a social life.

Some of these repeat, but you get the point. I’m planning on making June and December my official release months soooooo that means after In The Moment During comes out this month (woo-hoo!) my next release will be in December for A Return of Ghosts. Don’t look at my website yet because it’s not updated. Still on my to-do list, but I wanted to announce this as early as possible because, I dunno. Seems important.

You feel it, guys? The shift? We’re onto something big here*.

Oh, yeah…


*That’s what she said