Big Steps Here

(From last week…finally posting!)

Alright, I did it.

I updated my Better Than This series (aka my headless man series) with their new covers.

Woot! 😊

I’m extremely impressed with myself since the task seemed impossible and daunting and filled with a million steps buuuuuut it’s finally done! And I made it without destroying my computer, the internet, or myself. Big steps here, folks. Big steps.

I’m mentioning this first because it’s what I worked on all weekend. There were MANY steps to get this monumental task completed, and I hit each one. AND got laundry done. AND got a jump on cleaning the house. I mean, can I get the award for most productive this weekend already? Seriously…

The second thing I’m mentioning is my fancy dinner celebrating the release of A Royal Pairing in Perish—decided on a whim. As a reminder, this released in March. And, for every release, I’m gifting myself a fancy dinner to celebrate NOT giving up. Because I got overwhelmed with deciding on a fancy restaurant, we never ended up going. But Saturday night, Batman and I dined in our local Italian eatery…and somehow…magically…that became the big fancy dinner. Had I known, I might’ve dressed up slightly more. But, it is what it is.

Let’s see…I’m finishing final edits on In The Moment During which means the ARC will be available later this month. I’ve also finished the second round of edits on A Return of Ghosts and I *just* started writing In The Moment After. I’m working, guys. Promise.

That’s all I got this week. Hope you’re enjoying yours and if I don’t see you around the interweb, we’ve got a date for next Wednesday. Alright excited 😊

~ LC

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