I Moved The Needle

Last year, I got booted off Radish because my book violated their TOS (*eyeroll*) But, it was the best thing that could’ve happened because it inspired me to write something specifically for Radish. A story that would make money and wouldn’t violate their TOS (*eyeroll again*). So, I did what all the articles said I should be doing: I wrote to market.

One of my favorite tropes is enemies to lovers. Pair that with forced proximity? Ahh there you go! Two hot tropes that are definitely selling. So, I wrote this little story about high school students who were sworn enemies and it ended up turning into a complete companion series to the main one I was writing. You might’ve heard of it…it’s a little something called In The Moment Before. 😊

Anyway, the whole reason/conception behind ITMB was to put it on Radish to hopefully make some money since my headless man series was starting to make money before they pulled it. Well, I’m happy to report that I’m uploading sections from In The Moment During onto Radish and I MOVED THE NEEDLE.

Seven cents, guys. SEVEN CENTS. It took almost a year, two full length novellas to write, covers to design—the whole shebang—and I finally moved the needle on this platform. I’m back to making (miniscule) money, but still. I MOVED THE NEEDLE. Figured this was worth its own post.

(And it is) but I also have:

In The Moment During Advanced Reader Copies – available here!

I’m also looking for:

A Return of Ghosts Beta Readers – let me know if you’re interested. Please. I need someone else to read this before I send it off to the editor. (Please sense the desperation in my voice…)

Happy Wednesday!

~ LC

Big Steps Here

(From last week…finally posting!)

Alright, I did it.

I updated my Better Than This series (aka my headless man series) with their new covers.

Woot! 😊

I’m extremely impressed with myself since the task seemed impossible and daunting and filled with a million steps buuuuuut it’s finally done! And I made it without destroying my computer, the internet, or myself. Big steps here, folks. Big steps.

I’m mentioning this first because it’s what I worked on all weekend. There were MANY steps to get this monumental task completed, and I hit each one. AND got laundry done. AND got a jump on cleaning the house. I mean, can I get the award for most productive this weekend already? Seriously…

The second thing I’m mentioning is my fancy dinner celebrating the release of A Royal Pairing in Perish—decided on a whim. As a reminder, this released in March. And, for every release, I’m gifting myself a fancy dinner to celebrate NOT giving up. Because I got overwhelmed with deciding on a fancy restaurant, we never ended up going. But Saturday night, Batman and I dined in our local Italian eatery…and somehow…magically…that became the big fancy dinner. Had I known, I might’ve dressed up slightly more. But, it is what it is.

Let’s see…I’m finishing final edits on In The Moment During which means the ARC will be available later this month. I’ve also finished the second round of edits on A Return of Ghosts and I *just* started writing In The Moment After. I’m working, guys. Promise.

That’s all I got this week. Hope you’re enjoying yours and if I don’t see you around the interweb, we’ve got a date for next Wednesday. Alright excited 😊

~ LC

What Do You Think?

I’ve been feeling off. Even for me. I think it’s a healthy dose of depression, anxiety, and too much coffee.

I actually ended up going to the doctor due to chest pains. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me since I get sporadic bursts of pain in different parts of my body (I still think they’re ‘growing pains’ even though I’m pushing forty…) Buuuuuut since I have a family history of heart disease, I figured it was smart to go in and make sure everything is still working. All is well (as I assumed) but you never know. The one time I don’t check is when I’ll be having a heart attack. But I know to go to the hospital if I feel pain in my arm—so I got that going for me.

Other than fake issues/scary anxiety, I’m doing great! 😊 If you missed my newsletter, you missed the HUGE announcement regarding my Better Than This series. Ready? Yeah, you seem ready. Here it goes:

I’ve got new covers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currently referred to as my headless man series, I think these updated covers for Better Than This, Better Than Now, and Better Than You are more on point with the story. A friend even said they have a ‘Colleen Hoover’ vibe to them, which I’ll take since that lady is on FIRE selling books. What do you think?

Since updating covers is more than just updating covers (inside copy needs to be updated, backmatter, ect.) these babies won’t be ready until mid-May or so. Soooo, if you want a vintage/original copy of any of these books, buy them now. Otherwise, wait until mid-May to get your Colleen Hoover-vibe updated versions. All the excitement, guys.


In The Moment During will be available as Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) this month! Let me know if you’d like a copy and we’ll get that set up.

A Return of Ghosts will need beta readers toward the end of this month/early June. Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll get that set up.

All I got today, guys. Please send positive energy, good vibes, and Christ Pratt if you can find him.

~ LC