Blessed Like That

Remember how I was supposed to go to my celebratory dinner this weekend?


I forgot about it until kind of the last minute, and then put out the word to my coworkers that I was looking for a nice “occasion” restaurant, and I got a flood of suggestions. Cool, right? Right…except the information and decision-making grew to this overwhelming anxious knot of needing to pick something as soon as possible so I could make the reservation. But, what do I do when I get overwhelmed? That’s right. I don’t do anything. I stick my head in the ground like *Wilhelm and wait for the storm to pass. Because even choosing an “occasion” restaurant can send me into anxiety overdrive. Blessed like that.

So instead of enjoying a celebratory dinner, Batman and I went to our local pizza eatery for a nice lunch—and that in itself was an experience (like all our dining-out adventures). Our server didn’t come to our table for the first ten minutes, but sent over the Hodor/Lurch-esque host to get our drinks after I started shooting every server angry eyes—mostly because people who came after us were getting served. (Yes, I’m a hangry little brat, but I don’t each much anyway. So, when I do get hungry, I want to eat…and preferably in a reasonable timeframe.)

Other than that, we didn’t do much this weekend, which I am FINE with. Actually, I put all the marketing assignments for myself on hold and worked on A Return of Ghosts (Book 2 in TCATC series) which releases this September. I just wrote and it was woooonnnnddddeeerrrffffuullll. Part of me felt guilty for not working on the marketing stuff, but meh. I need product to market, right? Right.

Other than that, Batman and I are quite boring. However, his birthday is this coming Monday, so we’re heading to Daytona for a little mini getaway to celebrate the aging caped crusader. Also, the resort has an infinity pool…so there’s that.

Exciting times lay ahead, y’all.

(I think?) that’s it for this week. I am still planning to do a signed giveaway of A Royal Pairing in Perish at some point, but I need people who actually want a signed copy hehehe… Once we get there, we’ll readdress the signed giveaway 😉

Anyway, here’s to a happy week, month, year, and lifetime.

But day by day, right?

~ LC *Wilhelm is our future ostrich. Batman and I plan on having ostrich races. Yes, we are those people.

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