Deadpool Shoulder

You know how I don’t take great care of myself? Right. Well, after living in Florida my entire life, you’d think I’d remember to apply generous amounts of sunscreen whilst out at the beach. You’d be wrong. We’d both be wrong.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my Deadpool shoulder:

I know—gross. Yuck. Ick.

But this is who I am and currently, what I look like. I knew an impromptu trip to the beach would require some protection, but the gentle mist of the low-level sun spray lotion (whatever it was) didn’t do shit. Or I didn’t apply enough. Or the wind took it away from my skin—I don’t know. But I came out looking like this and sadly, I am still not fully healed.

It’s all good. Some part of me is always in pain or in danger of being in pain, like my nail that tried to break in the pink part (Batman thinks that is the funniest thing. ‘In the pink part’ but, like, how else do you say it? It’s literally THE PINK PART). Thank God I reinforced it with homemade technology (I’m resourceful like that) so it broke off right where it needed to—at the precipice of safety.

Before that, my mouth was under attack by my teeth, and their throbbing bullshit about too much caffeine and sugar passing through. I don’t know. I also had this thing growing on my elbow—this hard bump thing that started as a bug bite, but, due to constant irritation (continual pressure on the table) it hardened and got mean and that was its whole own thing.

One day I’ll be wealthy enough to afford the drugs to make it all go away.

Until then, it’s chewing on the correct side of my mouth and maybe wearing gloves and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD applying sunscreen so I don’t develop Deadpool shoulder again. As much as I crush on the anti-superhero, once is enough.

GOOD NEWS—I’m going to Reggae Rise Up later this week! It’s an outdoor music festival featuring the best of Reggae and similar chill vibes. Batman and I are stoked to see Sublime, but I’m also looking forward to Rebelution as well. Definitely what I need after the year I’ve had at work this month, and an epically scary sunburn I’ve been hiding for a week.

But good times are coming. Good, relaxing times, chill and fun times.

Just got to remember the sunscreen.

God, I hope I remember the sunscreen


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