As Surprised As You

Today’s post was definitely not going to happen, so I’m as surprised as you.

Last week was HECTIC with unnecessary drama (which I don’t do well with) and working toward finishing my ARC, so most of my measly marketing efforts took a backseat. By marketing efforts, I mean tiktock of course. And posting to my FB group. Because that is literally all I do.

For now…

So, note to alternate-universe Caitlin—don’t LEARN the business WHILE releasing multiple books in one year. It’s a lot. Maybe have the books already written (or something) so time isn’t divided between writing AND trying to learn ads, distributors, and that AI is trying to take over every creative endeavor.

Good stuff?

  • A Royal Pairing in Perish is available for ARC! Grab your FREE copy here for an exchange of an honest review. (Please. Pretty please.)
  • I’m off Thursday and Friday for a much-needed vacation to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Woot!
  • Bought two new dresses for said much-needed vacation!
  • I keep selling free books. I might not be getting any royalties, but people are buying. Possibly reading. Hopefully that leads to a sale tomorrow or next week. As Batman keeps saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Who knows? Maybe it takes a month.

Also (and this is important) we are at THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT, folks. My nail is about to break and it’s in the PINK PART. Prayers, positive vibes, spells, hexes—whatever works. I’ll take them all.

Onward and upward! The other direction is too depressing.