This is Getting Ridiculous

Tell me if this is weird.

Batman and I (eating a very nutritious/delicious fast food meal) drove into a large empty space in a grocery store parking lot on Saturday night. (That’s not the weird part—I’m getting to it). So, we’re sitting in this large empty space with no one around us when this truck pulls up a couple spots over. Parks. Sits. The person isn’t directly across from us and maybe they’re enjoying their own fake food as well. Cool.

But then another truck shows up. Pulls right next to them so now there are two trucks sitting nearby in a giant empty parking lot on Saturday night. Okay. Whatever. Still a bit weird, but maybe this part of the parking lot is popular. But then another truck shows up. This one parks right next to us and I’m like wait. WTF is happening right now?

ANOTHER TRUCK came and that’s when I realized these teenybopper bitches decided to make our spot their spot for their Saturday night hang out (because that’s cool, right? *eyeroll*) Like, they literally parked around us because more vehicles were arriving as I told Batman it was getting too weird and I wanted to eat my fake food in privacy. So, we left.

But as we were leaving, I made sure to stare down the ringleader because he did this on purpose. Know how I know? He held my stare with a stupid little smile. He knew what he was doing. Batman said not to worry but this kid is a straight up psycho. Because, who does that? Psychos do.

Anyway, now that you know crazy kids are running the streets and grocery parking lots, I’ll jump to the highlight of the weekend—our lunch at the Columbia! Remember last week’s post (or was it on FB?) where I talked about how Batman and I are going for a lunch/dinner with every book release? It’s a new tradition we’re (I’m) starting and it’s really so I can celebrate me not completely giving up. Well, In The Moment Before earned us a swanky lunch at the Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine. And it was…lovely. The food was great, the Christmas decorations were great. Everything was great…except that the first thing our server did was complain about how we were another two-top table, since that’s all she was getting.


She was fine after that, but I definitely felt like an inconvenience for only being a party of two. It’s like we’re cursed. Batman and I are either seated near the restroom, the kitchen, or in places where tables shouldn’t go. We’ve been ignored completely, made to feel rushed, and now made to feel bad for only being two people. What the hell, restaurant-God? You know Batman and I don’t cook a lot. We depend on other people. We depend on restaurants, but this is getting ridiculous.

So that’s what’s going on with me. I do still have that stye in my eye—which I’m only now realizing I haven’t mentioned yet. Long story short—I have a stye and it got really bad last week and I kept rubbing it because I have no self-control, and it got worse and puffy and it looked like I’d been hit. It doesn’t look like that anymore and it’s not bothering me, but I pulled down my eyelid and it definitely has NOT gone away. I showed Batman and he freaked out and said I need to go to the doctor. Still unsure if I’m going to ignore it completely and hope it goes away like usual.

We’ll see.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, Festivus, whatever it is – I hope it’s wonderful and brings you much happiness! (And money too. Because inflation, am I right?)

~ LC