Competition With Myself

I left the house on Sunday to do some errands. I’m not a fan of mirrors because they’re creepy and I heard something about a spirit living in them. I don’t know. Either way, I typically glance at myself on the way out of the house to make sure I’m like, decent. Nothing on my face. Shirt is on correctly. Everything in its place.

I forgot the customary check before I left on Sunday. I only went to the grocery store but when I got back in my car, I realized what I forgot to do—which was brush the other side of my head. You see, I brushed the right side of my hair but got distracted with the dogs (or something) and neglected to do the same thing on the left side. No look in the mirror to confirm tgat I was good to go—I just left.

Y’all – I walked around Walmart with the right side of my hair brushed and the left side in clumpy, post-shower waves. No idea. When I got back to the car to check my eye (as it had been bothering me) I lowered the visor to check and that’s when I discovered it (along with the sty in my eye…). I must’ve looked like some weird wild banshee with my faded Beatles sweatshirt and stained leggings. You know, how people typically look this time of year.

Other than that, I think I’m doing pretty well! Clothes are on, hair is washed and ALL brushed, and I’ve got a new release on Friday. Am I nervous about it? Hell yeah, but I’m also not. I know I’ve messed up some things. I know I should’ve done this or done that and definitely some of this over here, but you know what? It’s okay. I’ll learn with each release and implement new strategies as I go. I read a meme that said something like “I’m not in competition with others. I’m in competition with myself.”

I love that. Because I’m proud of myself. I’ve been working hard behind the scenes and while past Caitlin did the same with simply writing the books, present Caitlin is now implementing the business side of things and working even harder. I’m in competition with who I was last year and the year before that. I just got to keep kicking my old ass. 😉

 I’ll probably bounce back on here and shout again on Friday since it’s the official release.

*screams in excitement*

Also – did I mention we’re going to the Columbia for this release? I could only score us a lunch reservation since it’s December and people beat me to the dinner spots, but it’s all good. Celebrating in St. Augustine with Batman over a new book release? Life is good.

Until Friday…