The Actual Writing

What do you do when you’re within a month of releasing the first thing in four years? Work on the second book of a different series, of course.


I feel like I can breathe now. The best part of being a writer? The writing. Lately, I’ve been bogged down with learning this platform and stressing about that one and trying to get the mechanics behind the scenes to work to make sure everything actually works and if you know me (or have stalked me for some time) you’ll know I’m not exactly tech-savvy, so it normally takes me longer than most. Other people can figure things out quickly but it takes a lot of staring and rereading on my part, along with a bunch of second guessing and overthinking mixed in with some anxiety and worry that I only get one shot and will fail at life if I don’t get it right the first time. So, yeah, it takes me a bit longer with technology than most.

But it’s all good because I’m finally at a place where I’m *mostly* prepped for ITMB’s release. Editing is done. ARCs are ready. Book tours, promos and review sites have been signed up for (though I need to do a bit more research on those…) but otherwise…a good portion of launching ITMB…is done.

Crazy to say it. Even crazy to know I’m not lying. Now, this is a book launch from practically a *noob, so I know I’m missing a bunch of stuff I probably should’ve done or be doing. But, it’s okay. I’ll figure it out. Plus, I’ve got four releases in 2023 so I’m sure I’ll get one of them right.

With all that said, I’m finally at a place where I can do the thing I really, really enjoy about this whole self-publishing thing. Any guesses? Yep—the actual writing. Since I’ve already written and had ARPIP edited, the next candidate would be In the Moment During, Novella 2 in The Coyote And The Coyote Companion Series. But I’ve already gone through that twice. I’ll probably comb through it another two times before I bring in my BETA readers (could be you! Check out how to become a VIP fan yet?) but for right now, I’m done with it. That means it’s onto the next story which is the second book in The Coyote And The Claw Series, set to release in September 2023. We ready for a name? Yeah, I think so too.

The Coyote And The Claw Series

A Royal Pairing in Perish – Releases March 24th 2023

A Return of Ghosts – Releases September 22nd

Name to be announced – Releases March 2024

So, there you go! A Return of Ghosts. It seems silly talking about it when you haven’t even read A Royal Pairing in Perish, which isn’t even the next thing releasing. Sometimes (most times) you have to be almost ten months ahead to get things done. But I got this.

Also—might be worth noting, but maybe not—I’ve decided I’m going to start doing bimonthly newsletters. That’s right. We’re talking the fifteenth and thirtieth of every month, so instead of a whopping twelve emails a year, you’ll be blessed with twenty-four of those fabulous little babies delivered right to your inbox. I know. The good news never ends around here. But this change is taking place in January 2023. Or next month. Haven’t really decided yet.

Thanks for sticking around for all the updates. I’ve been skimping on the ol’ blog and that’s just not right. But I should be good going forward except that the holidays are upon us so who knows. I certainly don’t, but I know what I’m doing in around nine to ten months. Crazy how that works.

Have a great week!

~ Lady Caitlin

*noob isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I definitely don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Just like a newbie at anything. But, we all start somewhere, right?

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