Good Thing Is I’m Not Dead


Two weeks, guys. I know. I know. Well, the good thing is I’m not dead nor did I come close. Just general adulty-busyness which involved a mega cool Halloween party (no pictures…sorry…I’m lame and forgetful), a roof repair, and *several* tasks getting done for a certain release later this year. So, to recap: NOT dead, Halloween party, crazy roof repair, and writer tasks have kept me from posting a blog over the last two weeks. Definitely an excuse, but also definitely accurate.

First – our annual Halloween Party. As always, I was too busy getting literally everything else done that I forgot to take any pictures (YES, Batman helps tremendously but I’m Team Captain in this specific event so it all falls to me, and snapping pictures is the last thing on my mind. But I was able to grab a quick pic of myself at work where basically no one else dressed up. So, there’s that):

The ROOF. Okay, well no one likes getting their roof done and thankfully, Batman was able to stay home for the few days to overlook everything. It’s a good thing he did since one of the workers FELL THROUGH THE CEILING.

Yeah. Give that a second to sink in.

A MAN FELL THROUGH OUR CEILING. Like, through it. Don’t believe me?

Poor Batman was playing video games while the doggies were peacefully sleeping and then BAM! Human falls through the ceiling to the hardwood floor below. Yeah. Thankfully, he didn’t hurt himself too badly (JUST a broken rib) but like…really? That actually happens? Guess it does since we then had to deal with a contractor coming over the weekend to patch the ceiling since the roofing company couldn’t provide a resolution. To say I’m shocked is an understatement, as well as a bit of a lie since this is life and weird shit happens all the time.

Writing updates? Plenty, but I won’t bore you with them this week. Next week you’ll get the post with the pre-order links. Ah, hell, you three are my loyal readers, so you can have early access now! Why not:

Everywhere BUT Amazon – PRE-ORDER LINK


This isn’t going public until 11-11-2022 because:

  1. I decided that at some point and have been sticking with it
  2. 11-11 is such a lovely date and has magical powers
  3. I dunno but three reasons sound better than two

Also, I’m probably at the dentist right now getting the crown for my root canal. I’ll be sure to go over how amazing it was in next week’s post, unless I forget like I did with the actual root canal (or maybe I just didn’t want to relive it. That’s probably what it is).

Anyway, have a great rest of your week and I’m sorry I went mute for two weeks. But I promise I’ll always let you know if I’m dead. It would be too rude if I didn’t.

~ LC

One thought on “Good Thing Is I’m Not Dead

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Isn’t it great when people drop in, uninvited?

    Another reason 11-11 is a good day: it’s my husband’s birthday!

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