Enter: tiktok & First Cover Reveal

I guess (part of) the big news is I’ve joked tiktok.



Why is that so surprising? Only because I’ve been incredibly tentative about getting involved in the social media craze because it doesn’t feel natural. Nothing about posting feels natural because I’ve eaten enough humble pie to think no one wants/needs my updates. But I’m also trying to like, survive off my writing, so I need to eat some conceited/prideful pie to balance the scales.

I want to sell stories, so I need a platform to do that: enter tiktok.

I feel like I don’t need to explain what this platform is, so I won’t, but just know I’m on it AND have already posted. So, if you just can’t get enough of me through this totally amazing blog, then friend me on tt and you’ll get daily posts from me. Stalkers, unite!


What else is going on? Let’s see…I showed an amazing beta reader the cover I previously had designed for ITMB and like the other responses: it was nice…but didn’t fit the story. I kind of had the same thought, but I’d worked with the designer for a little bit trying to pin down the perfect cover, and whereas I liked it…it just didn’t…fit. But I’d already paid for it and figured it would be fine (I can always change it in the future). But after the last beta made the same comment I thought, hmm, maybe I should change it. So, I did:

This is my first official cover reveal for In The Moment Before. What do you guys think?

I hate Grayson Knight with a passion. Ever since he pulled a prank on me as kids, I’ve kept him in the mortal-enemy category, and we both prefer it that way. Now we’re seniors in high-school and he’s still the same immature jerk. I avoid him as much as possible, but when an argument turns ugly and lands us in detention together, I know my life is over—especially when my dad, the city’s police sergeant, finds out.

I have no idea how we’ll get through this, so I’m surprised when Grayson comes to my rescue after I’m cornered by a sleazy basketball player. Suddenly, the boy I’ve always hated isn’t the enemy. If seeing him with new eyes isn’t confusing enough, a secret kiss sends everything scrambling, leaving me to figure out what I want, and if I can even have it. Because Grayson isn’t like other boys—and I’m starting to find out why.

I’m getting excited about releasing this one, guys. I feel the tidal wave of six books coming (ITMB being the first) and I can’t wait to share it all with you. In case you’ve been silly and haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, you can sign up HERE. You’ll get all the extra info like these very important dates you should remember (as should I)

Pre-order 11/11/2022

ARCs available 12/6/2022

Release Date 12/16/2022

Speaking of newsletters, I’ve got another one to send out this Saturday, 10/15/2022, soooo I should probably go work on it. Literally what I’m off to do, so keep an eye on your email this Saturday. I’ll likely be sitting in your spam box. BUT AT LEAST YOU GOT IT.