A Toy Show and a Hurricane

I was supposed to run through ITMB last week (as a final check) since it was due to the editor on 10/1. With all the excess time I had (thanks Ian), I instead worked on ITMD, the second novella in the series. I can’t even keep to my own schedules so good thing my boss is lenient on me (me—I’m my boss.)  I talk about writing pretty much every week, so I’m going to shift gears to other, non-writing things that have happened recently. Sound good? Great! Here we go:

Probably the most important thing is Ian. Batman and I are fine and thankfully, we sustained very minimum damage. I’m pretty sure the majority was mini-branches flung in our yard and other than the power going out for a little over twenty-four hours—we were fine. Batman rigged the generator to keep us living in semi-civil times so we were able to use our bathrooms, the refrigerator, and even plug in some fans, lights, and my laptop. It was a little darker but nothing like previous hurricanes where we DIDN’T have a generator and lost power for SIX days. We don’t talk about that time…

My family in Tampa is fine, but sadly, our neighbors to the south didn’t fare as well. Many people in Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte are still without power and have incredible damage to their cities. I hope they recover soon.

Good news? Batman killed it at his Toy Show! It was his first time as a vendor at our local Toy convention we’ve attended. Batman is an avid video game and antique-toy collector, so it was only a matter of time before he dipped his toe in the pool to see if it’s something he’d be interested in and enjoyed doing—and he did! He had a steady stream of interested buyers, remained personable (not at all salesy), and managed to sell nearly half his inventory. Not only did he make some decent profit, he signed up for the next three shows in 2023. Since the first one is in February, I plan on selling hard—probably signed—copies of ITMB. I mean, it’s DC-inspired, so who doesn’t want to read a little Robin-inspired novella with some smexy action?

Think that’s it for today. Oh! Since the pre-order is going live next month for ITMB, I’m *finally* going to start messing around with Tiktok to see if I can generate some interest. Got a few ideas on what to do, so, we’ll see…

~ LC