Little Pumpkin Psychopath

Batman and I went shopping this weekend and look what I found:

Ladies and gentleman, I’d like you to meet Lester. Why Lester? It’s not my place to know the reason behind these things, but rest assured, I saved this little monster from a dusty shelf-life at TJ Maxx (or Ross??) until some other quirky weirdo would’ve come along behind me and grabbed him. Lucky for me, I’m short and thorough and scan every item on every shelf for something I didn’t know I was missing or needing—like Lester. Adorable little pumpkin psychopath.

The whole house is filled with similar décor. I’d take pictures or even do a little video clip, but Batman is way protective of our privacy (hence I refer to him as Batman—only code name he’d approve) so minimal pictures is the best you’re getting. Sorry. Hopefully, when I break down the wall to TikTok, I’ll be able to incorporate more video usage, though, it’ll likely be page-flips or whatever it is other authors are doing on there.

How’s life been going for you? It’s been steadily busy for me, even with the three-day weekend. As a kid, I was always able to find time to not be productive. Now? Every moment has become an available opportunity to complete some task, usually a household chore. But even when I’m done with those, there’s a million things to do with my writing stuff that it feels never-ending. You ever feel like that about anything? It’s like no matter how fast I complete a task, three more take its place. I’m not complaining, just yawning because damn—I’m getting tired. At least I’m able to sleep in a little bit longer, so that’s something.

Keeping this week’s post short because it’s time to work on my newsletter for this month (somehow already…) so I’m off to work on that!

Seriously, it never stops. Good thing I actually enjoy this.


*What do you think about me shorting my ‘Lady Caitlin’ to LC? Silly or baddass? That way only TRUE friends and family will know what it means. All the noobs will be lost. Heh. Kinda like that.