Not In My Twenties Anymore

We’re back from our Disney vacation!

And poor again.

This will probably be our last trip to the most magical place on earth because MORE THAN ONCE I suffered a panic attack caused by my own—and others—decisions. I also threw up multiple times, but I blame that on my weakening constitution. (Batman has a strong constitution. He can go on any ride. I hate him for it.)

Let’s start with the beginning at Disney Springs—a lovely placed filled with all the overpriced tourist shops you could want. After enjoying a meal at the Edison (themed as you might imagine) Batman and I got our tickets activated for easy entrance into the park the following day, and then went about our walk through Disney Springs. At some point, I realized I didn’t have my phone. It wasn’t in my purse or in Batman’s pockets or anywhere. It was gone.

This has never happened to me. I’ve NEVER left my phone somewhere and not been able to find it (besides my house which happens literally once a day) so pure panic filled me because I’ve heard too many stories of people losing their phone and never finding it again. AND ON THE FIRST DAY OF VACATION. (Not to mention, it had all our ticket information on it). Thankfully, Batman remembered that I took it out when we were getting our tickets activated and THANKFULLY, they had it there when I ran back across Disney Springs to get it. (In the rain, but the way. Did I mention that? It was lightly raining the whole time).

Here I am post-phone-finding, obviously happy that life can now go on.

Epcot was the first park we visited which was really exciting because they had their International Food & Wine Festival going on, and we never visited at the same time. Unlike previous years, you pay the individual vendor so we indulged at an Australian market and a Korean market. I’d show you a picture, but that’d mean I remembered to take one, so we’re just going to move on.

We visited Mexico and they actually had a little boat ride that took you through the restaurant. When our boat arrived, it was the handicapped one which just meant we wouldn’t have a bench seat—that it’d be separated. They asked us if we were okay with that and I said…yeah. I’m not a weirdo. Why wouldn’t I be okay with that? Apparently, everyone behind us had a problem with it because literally no one else got on our boat:

They all got on the next normal one. I’m really trying to believe it was the boat and not us, but that remains to be unclear.

The rest of Epcot was lovely, especially riding the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride. It was amazing…up until the very end, when we slowed down and all the cart-turning finally caught up with me and I had to rush off the ride to run to the closest bathroom to get sick. It sucks. The ride was sooo much fun, but I know I probably can’t ride it again because of my weakening constitution. Getting older sucks. I can’t eat ice-cream anymore and now this? LAME.

A couple more pictures from Epcot:

Friday, we went to Hollywood Studios. Overall, the day was awesome. We spent a majority of it at Galaxy’s Edge (surprise, surprise). We flew in the Millennium Falcon, built lightsabers, and I ordered this:

Some sort of futuristic parfait while Batman kept to green milk and a space wrap that resembled earth egg and sausage on a pita. Unfortunately, the Rise of the Resistance ride was down for the entire day which was a bummer since we weren’t able to do it on our honeymoon in 2020. But, that’s how it goes. We got to fly the Falcon which is by far one of the best rides, and we even went on the Rocking Rollercoaster, which is another classic at Hollywood Studios. Honestly, the day was absolutely awesome—until it was time for lunch.

I booked us reservations at the Drive-in Diner Restaurant (one of the best, apparently). The reservation was at 1:35, and we checked in at 1:20. I guess they were running behind because we were sat at 1:55. Okay, a little unusual for Disney since we’ve eaten at their restaurants before and have been seated promptly with a reservation, but, whatever, it happens. When we did finally sit, the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. Each table was a car, and it fit three rows (or parties) of people. The whole room was made to look like we were outside at night, with all the tables/cars facing a giant screen playing old cartoons and newsreels. Again, the ambiance was on point. The food…was not. I mean, it was okay. I guess I thought it would be better than par since it took FORTY FIVE MINUTES to be brought out. And it was just the two of us. And we each ordered a burger. Medium rare. With fries. I’m still wrapping my hand around this especially since the people who came after us got their food first, and the people who came before us got their food last.


By the time we finished our pretty-average food, Batman paid with my debit card (to our checking account) and our server walked away. Somehow, between accepting the payment and walking to the back—SHE LOST THE CARD.


How…how…how does that happen?

I know accidents occur, but I’m still wrapping my brain around this one. Since it was dark in the restaurant, a group of us spent twenty minutes using our phone flashlights trying to find my card in a space of about five feet.

I was disappointed before—now I was livid.

By some miracle, someone found my card on a plate in the kitchen so thankfully Batman didn’t have to murder anyone, because he was about to. It was my second panic attack of my birthday vacation and I think if I had actually cried, Batman would’ve snapped. (I’m very glad this didn’t happen. It’s scary when he does). But thankfully we got my card back and with all the frustration over the whole ordeal, Disney gave us a whopping five dollars off our bill. No apology from management about any of it. Never eating there again and honestly, I’m not sure we’re giving Disney any more of our money in the future.

The day got better though since I was able to meet the BEST mamabear in the world (mine) for a wonderful dinner. It turned the day around, so thank you again for coming to meet us, mamabear!

Saturday was our last day, and we went to the Magic Kingdom. We actually had a great day at the park, so there’s not much I can say. There’re also not many pictures I took so I’ll have to borrow some of Batman’s. I did get a little sick after Space Mountain again (stupid weak constitution) and the boat ride at Pirates of the Caribbean didn’t help. I just have to get used to the fact that I’m not in my twenties anymore, but that’s not a bad thing. As of Tuesday, I’ll have lasted thirty-seven years. Actually, I think that’s pretty dope. I was certain something would’ve taken me out by now.

If you’re still reading this, wow. This is a long post so thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate the support and love and think I’m going to end it here.

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Until next week…

~ LC

Of Course I Had to Complicate Things

Let’s start off with some writing news:

All in all, it’s been going pretty good. I’ve been writing, editing, and I joined a service called BookFunnel which helps authors distribute items to readers (advanced copies, reader magnets, ect). It’s awesome. It’s also used for marketing, so this service is exactly what I’ve been looking for…which is why it only makes sense that I’ve hit a wall.

I’m talking about my reader magnet. It’s exactly what you think it is – something free that attracts readers to try a new author. Typically, a “reader magnet” is given in exchange for an email address, so that the person sampling the work is now on the author’s newsletter and will receive information about new releases and such going forward. They can opt out at any time, but it’s how they “pay” for the reader magnet. It’s a great concept and one I’m really eager to get on board with. Of course, I had to complicate things and now I’m not sure what to do.

Original idea for reader magnet:

Back when I was writing the first draft of ITMB, I planned on writing it for Radish, the serialized platform that I was on earlier this year and then violated their terms of service so my story got kicked off (insert eye-roll), but also using it as my reader magnet. When I realized ITMB was the first of three books, I decided I didn’t want to use it as my magnet anymore, especially since I’m pricing it at 99 cents.

So….I had another idea. At the end of ITMB and before ITMD (book two) I wrote a bridge scene that’s not integral to the overall storyline, but provides additional insight, more clues to a big reveal and, (I hope), additional swooning for the hero. I love the scene and am fully set on making it my official reader magnet…but I’m planning on making it fully available in February, kind of like a Valentine’s Day present for my current newsletter subscribers, and then the official magnet for all new subscribers. The only problem with that is I won’t have a magnet until February…so what do I do in the meantime? I thought about offering either EFH or BTT as my give away, but what about people who’ve already read them and joined because of those books? (Not only do you want to attract new readers with the magnet, but you want to reward readers who’ve already taken a chance.)

So…this is where I am. Most people suggest prequel novellas or side stories as reader magnets and those make the most sense. But no, I had to write a magnet between the first and second book (neither yet released) and now I have to figure out how to do this.


What do you guys think? What kind of reader magnet would you want when trying a new author? (short story, novella, full book, something else?) What about if you’ve read a book and signed up for their newsletter – what kind of treat then?

Tell me so I know what to do.

Non-Writing news:

Batman and I are going to Disney this week! In fact, we’re probably traveling the world at Epcot as you’re reading this, but don’t be jealous. I’m sure we’re shoulder to shoulder with everyone else melting in the Florida heat complaining that water bottles cost over three dollars. But that’s how we decided to spend my birthday. It’ll probably be the last time we go to Disney for a while so we need to make this count. I’m only turning the *magic age of thirty-seven once. Gotta celebrate.

Let me know what you think about the reader magnet. I’m literally dependent on other people giving me opinions. It’ll help navigate these weird waters I keep falling into.


*Go watch Clerks if you don’t know why thirty-seven is the magical number. Trust me.

Little Pumpkin Psychopath

Batman and I went shopping this weekend and look what I found:

Ladies and gentleman, I’d like you to meet Lester. Why Lester? It’s not my place to know the reason behind these things, but rest assured, I saved this little monster from a dusty shelf-life at TJ Maxx (or Ross??) until some other quirky weirdo would’ve come along behind me and grabbed him. Lucky for me, I’m short and thorough and scan every item on every shelf for something I didn’t know I was missing or needing—like Lester. Adorable little pumpkin psychopath.

The whole house is filled with similar décor. I’d take pictures or even do a little video clip, but Batman is way protective of our privacy (hence I refer to him as Batman—only code name he’d approve) so minimal pictures is the best you’re getting. Sorry. Hopefully, when I break down the wall to TikTok, I’ll be able to incorporate more video usage, though, it’ll likely be page-flips or whatever it is other authors are doing on there.

How’s life been going for you? It’s been steadily busy for me, even with the three-day weekend. As a kid, I was always able to find time to not be productive. Now? Every moment has become an available opportunity to complete some task, usually a household chore. But even when I’m done with those, there’s a million things to do with my writing stuff that it feels never-ending. You ever feel like that about anything? It’s like no matter how fast I complete a task, three more take its place. I’m not complaining, just yawning because damn—I’m getting tired. At least I’m able to sleep in a little bit longer, so that’s something.

Keeping this week’s post short because it’s time to work on my newsletter for this month (somehow already…) so I’m off to work on that!

Seriously, it never stops. Good thing I actually enjoy this.


*What do you think about me shorting my ‘Lady Caitlin’ to LC? Silly or baddass? That way only TRUE friends and family will know what it means. All the noobs will be lost. Heh. Kinda like that.