There Is Still Time

Ever have a pimple under the skin that you (and others) can’t really see but you can feel it because it’s part of your body? Yeah, I’m growing a mount everest under my right nostril and IT. IS. AWFUL.  Every time I wiggle my nose or sneeze or even just move my face, I feel it. And it feels like I should look like Rudolph which makes me reach for my mirror a thousand times a day to ensure it didn’t mutate and I’m not hideously deformed. (Just checked – we’re still good).

I also have a huge bump on my head. It started out as a small bump, so after confirming with my doctor that it’s benign, I went on living my life not realizing it recruited an army, and now I have random bumps covering my scalp. Thankfully (I’m already married and) my brown and silver locks cover my mishappen head, but the bumps keep developing. It’s odd. (And the masuese always feels it too…awkward.) Doctor still said they’re also benign and not to worry and since I’m deathly afraid of MRIs, I won’t be getting one of those to check. Should probably get a second opinion but…eh. I’ll get to it. I guess some people just go through life with a bumpy head.

I did go to a Shrimps game recently! That was fun. (The Shrimps are our city’s minor league baseball team, so there you go, stalkers, now you can track me down.) Since we were slightly rained on our first game, Batman was smart enough to book us under the covering this time, so rain or shine we would be covered. Didn’t do much for the Florida humidity, but we got a nice a breeze every so often that kept us sane. A pic for reference and to prove we exist:


Last call for any possible/potential beta readers out there! I’ve gotten some feedback on In The Moment Before, and plan to start implementing that soon. But I need to have the final version over to my editor at the beginning of October so THERE IS STILL TIME. If you’re interested, please let me know asap so I can send it over and get all your juicy thoughts!

Also still looking for any male names that you want to immortalize in fiction (in a negative way). So far, I’ve got: Donald, Brian, and Austin. Want to throw any names into the hat? Let me know.

Keeping this post short since no news is good news, right? No covid scares. No muscle-torn hospital scares. The only thing I really should report on is how adorbale Appa and Regis look in their Hufflepuff sweaters I ordered:

I’M IN LOVE. I also order them new toys and treats through Barkbox every month and I’m honestly not sure who gets more excited. Because check out these amazing toys:

Okay I need to go be productive and write some more, probably. I have one novella publishing this December, two next year, and two full books next year. I’ve always got something to work on, but I guess that’s a good thing.

~ Lady Caitlin

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