The Recent Highlights

I’m writing this last-minute (literally the night before) because I felt crappy missing another post. As I keep saying, no news is good news, but it also makes for a shitty blog. I need to talk about something, and since ARPIP is still on the same track, work is still asking almost ten hours of me each day, I figured it might be best to skip this week too. The only thing of note are the two seizures Appa had on Sunday, and I kind of don’t like thinking about them.

So, since we have practically no news, I’m going to bullet-point the recent highlights:

Yes, Appa had back-to-back seizures, but he’s doing fine now. I think. I’m not really sure since he hasn’t learned English yet, so he can’t tell me what’s causing them. Or how he feels.

The unicorn-silver hair keeps sparkling its way through my chocolate-brown locks, and part of me wants to pluck them all out. I don’t, but I stare at myself in the mirror for a while thinking about it.

No, I haven’t seen Maverick, and I won’t. Tom Cruise. Yuck.

I won two dollars off a lottery scratch-off and instead of cashing them in, I bought two more lottery scratch-offs and won a dollar. I’m not sure what to do this round.

Regis thinks the mirror in my office is a portal. I keep a decorative one on the floor because Batman hasn’t put it up yet, and every time the dog sees it, she gets hypnotized and won’t move, like she’s stuck in it. Sometimes, it freaks me out because what if it is a magic portal…?

I tried one of the best donuts I’ve ever had. It was French-toast flavored and flaky like a croissant and the shop is literally down the street from my house. This is how it feels to be introduced to heroin.

We’re hosting a Mortal Kombat/90s party this weekend. If I don’t post a picture, just imagine overalls, platform shoes, chokers, and butterfly clips. I’ll be wearing them all (but no bangs. Not this time).

Those are the highlights. Maybe next week I’ll win the real lottery, but that seems far-fetched since I don’t play it. But…you never know. A girl can dream and pray and be delusional.

It’s our right.

~ Lady Caitlin

One thought on “The Recent Highlights

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    I hope Appa’s doing better! It’s tough when the fur-babies struggle. Mine recently fell into the pond/swamp we have in our back yard, and I had to pull him out and hose him down, much to his dismay.

    Did your party go well? When I read 90s theme, I thought of Jax’s song, 90s Kids. Though, I almost reenacted the music video on Thursday after I took my son on some amusement rides.

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