A Lot of Content

I’m keeping this one short because 1) I lost track of time again (yes with a three-day weekend, but I was busy and working on other stuff. Shut up) and 2) not a lot of updates with writing or life (also hence my absence last week).

Writing-wise, this is what I’m thinking:

Finish AT LEAST the first draft of book 2 before I start advertising/choose a release date for book 1.


Good plan? Bad plan?

I hear a lot of arguments for both sides, but I feel like the more I write before I release book 1—the better. I wrote and published all three of the Better Than This series in 2018 and it was AWFUL. My job at the time didn’t help, but it was just too much going on at once (not to mention financially) and I don’t want to go through that again, which is why I’m considering having the second book written while I market and release the first. Maybe even have the third one written? I don’t know. But, just know I’m working on a lot of content coming your way!

Non-writing-wise, everything is pretty much the same. I haven’t won the lottery, I haven’t bumped into Chris Pratt (boo!) and I haven’t become the best-selling author you and I both know I will one day be. But it takes time with these things, you know? Until then, I’m being patient. Growing out my silver-unicorn hair and taking it one day at a time, like we’re supposed to.

Hopefully, I’ll spring back to life for next week’s post, but, that’s like seven days away, so who knows.

Guess we’ll see.

Let the suspense commence…


Lady Caitlin

3 thoughts on “A Lot of Content

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    I can see advantages of waiting until the next book is finished before advertising the first. I could imagine it’d relieve some of the pressures of publishing, already knowing you had the next lined up. But I’m sure you’ll pull it off. Hopefully your job will cause less stress this time around!

  2. Joleene Naylor says:

    I’ve actually seen people recommend having all three done before you ever publish one. TBH I had rough drafts of the first four before I actually got number one published (at the time they were only two very LONG books that I then broke in half) but having those four kind of roughed out (and I mean they were super rough!) did help a lot since I’m a pantster and had no idea where anything was going when I first wrote it. However there was so much reworking/rewriting to do that it ended up being the same amount of work as if I’d written them brand new, haha! But, for the sake of headaches, really, the more you have done to start with, the more time you can devote to marketing.

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