Character Name Poll / Pattern of My Brain

First, thank you to everyone who called out their favorite bitch. You all are rockstars, and one of these amazing names will actually be a character in A Royal Pairing in Perish! Only a handful of people might read it (though the goal is a bit more…) but even so, a story is a story, and once handed to the world, it becomes real—even for one person. And this office brown-nosing butt-munch will live inside that person’s head, which means you helped craft life. Kinda cool.

And, since I used my “Patricia” placeholder up until the very end, I forfeit my right to choose the name I like the most. This one will be decided by you guys, in this poll, that I’ve so masterfully crafted with WordPress’s help. The choices:

Vote for your favorite, and I’ll reveal the results next week. I already know what I’m leaning toward, but again, this one’s going to be chosen by you! So, let’s see who makes it in the book.

Second, I’m finally having my dental surgery.

*throws confetti*

Wait—what? Dental surgery.

*stops throwing confetti*

*walks over confetti to get boxed wine*

*drinks and sobs*

This is the pattern of my brain every time I think about it. Because yes, I am FOR SURE excited to finally fix this horrible issue which causes me immense amount of pain. So much that some days I wake up not sure I’ll be able to chew, while other mornings, I’m convinced my teeth have all shifted over the night because the big-bad-wisdom tooth has bullied them over. Still, as suuuuuper excited as I am to finally be done with this ridiculous pain, I am legit terrified.

Because…like…it’s surgery. In my mouth. They’re pulling teeth and I’ll have stitches and will need to drink my meals for a weak and it’s like…a thing. A major, scary thing that I really don’t want to do. But, I’ve been doing the opposite—living in pain and avoidance—for far too long, and it’s just not working for me anymore. So, I need to be brave. At least, I have to make sure Batman drives me to the appointment on Friday, because once I’m there, I can’t back out. And if I drive myself, who knows? I might end up at a Starbucks drive-through instead.

What about you? Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? Do you hate going to the dentist? And did you vote on your favorite Karen name above?

I’m dying to know on all accounts.

~ Lady Caitlin

2 thoughts on “Character Name Poll / Pattern of My Brain

  1. C.D. Gallant-King says:

    I wanted to call her “Stumpy” but for some reason that wasn’t an option.

    I had my wisdom teeth out many years ago. I was conscious at the time, and while I didn’t “feel” it, I still vividly remember the sounds and the pressure of cutting. Still not as bad as my wife though. She had to get surgery to remove three impacted wisdom teeth, and had to travel like 10 hours to get to the surgeon. The surgeon then proceeded to ONLY remove those three teeth, and left one there. So she still ended up having to go back and get the last one out years later.

    I’m probably not making you feel better.

  2. Joleene Naylor says:

    And yes, I’ve had them pulled and though I was terrified ahead of time, it really wasn’t that bad. Mostly it was a relief to have them gone and honestly hurt less afterwards, as weird as that sounds. Good luck with yours!

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