Starting To Feel A Little Offended

I did the stupid thing.

I waited until I was in absolute pain to make a dentist appointment. Was I aware there was a problem with my back wisdom tooth? Of course. I’ve known for a while that it was going to cause major issues down the line and I should probably get it (along with the other three) removed. So, what did I do? I went on living my life knowing it would be future-Caitlin’s problem.

And it is.

I’m her.

Present-Caitlin is now dealing with the most outrageous pain and my oral consultation has been rescheduled twice due to short staffing issues. Like, I’m dying over here. I’m popping Advils like they’re M&Ms because it’s one of the few things that keeps the pain away. So, don’t do the stupid thing and put your problems on future-you. It doesn’t work out AND it can be painful. Just my sage piece of advice for you (and your dental needs) today. (And tomorrow).

But it’ll be alright. It’s my own fault which makes the whole thing more annoying, but the really annoying thing is that the oral surgery consultation has been rescheduled twice because come on, people, let’s get this over with. Again, my own fault, but I’m already doing the adulting-thing and making the appointments to go pay the money to hear the terrible noises so someone can put tools in my mouth and take out my bad teeth. That part is taken care of by me. I just need the dentist-people to do their part and let me come visit. Honestly, I’m starting to feel a little offended.

Just look at my mouth.


That’s all I want.

For the love of everything sacred, will an oral surgeon *please* give me the A-Okay to get the surgery scheduled and the teeth pulled? That’d be fabulous. The left side of my mouth can’t carry all the chewing much longer, and I’m running out of time, so I’m really hoping this new appointment doesn’t get bumped again. I may cry if it does.

So, again, I repeat: don’t do what I did. Take care of future-you. He/She/Them/It/Whatever is really depending on you to step up today. And besides, it feels a little good to give back, doesn’t it? Even if it’s to yourself? I see you nodding.

Off to pop another Advil.

Until next week (and hopefully after my non-rescheduled appointment)…


Lady Caitlin