I Re-Joined Instagram

I joined Instagram. Or, I re-joined Instagram with an author account even though I already did that a few years ago, but I couldn’t access it, because you know, technology. So, when I went to “add” a new username, the one that I wanted authorcgcoppola (which makes the most sense) was already taken…by me…from a few years ago. Just can’t get to it on my phone. So, I created authorcgcoppolawrites as my NEW author Instagram, except, when I accessed it on my PC to change the profile picture, it logs me into authorcgcoppola.

*throws arms up in tantrum*

*drinks boxed wine*

Sooooooo now I have my personal account, which I rarely use, and TWO author accounts depending on which device I log into. I’m not even kidding, guys. I have no clue what I did or how to fix it, and when I tried to report a problem, it told me my “reporting a problem” button wasn’t working. So, I gave up, drank more boxed wine, and watched tiktock.

I mean…I guess two accounts is better than none? Right? Any Instagram wizards out there want to take me under their wing and help e’splain me, Lucy? Otherwise, this author is going to be the cool kid with two accounts and there’s nothing you (or I, apparently) can do about it.

How was your January? Did you get a lot accomplished? A little? Anything? Are you aware January is now over, and we’re doomed to live this day over and over again? (Thanks, Mr. Murray). Hopefully it’s doesn’t get to that because I don’t think I could repeat a Wednesday for the rest of my life without losing my mind. Plus, it would definitely slow the progress I’m making on redoing my home office.

Since we moved in, the “office” has been the junk room in the house, where all the “not sure where to put it” things end up living. It’s basically been a clutter box of randomness, with a little corner for my desk and chair to write. NO MORE. It’s nowhere near being finished but we’re getting closer:

Before, that corner held a table filled with wedding items, old cell phones and tablets, cords that went to something, mail, donation clothes (donation everything), coasters, recycled Christmas gifts, and so, so much more. It was literally a place to put the household misfits, and definitely not a space to encourage creativity. I’ve only been glaring at it for around five years but NO MORE. I’m still in the process of fully revamping the office, but we’re off to a good start. What do you think?

What about you? Any new projects? Any issues with technology and somehow (unknowingly) creating two accounts for one service because you’re that stellar with technology? No judgement here.

I’ve got some other stuff to share, but we’ll get to it next week. I have to have something for that post too, right?

Until our next date…

~ Lady Caitlin

6 thoughts on “I Re-Joined Instagram

  1. C.D. Gallant-King says:

    I have to change my WordPress password every time I try to comment on your blog, does that count?

    And your office is waaay ahead of mine. My office is literally a closet under the stairs, which was just used for storage until the pandemic and I cleaned it out to use for work. Except everyone still thinks it’s the storage room (including me), so it’s always piled high with junk. I still do most of my work and writing on the dining room table.

  2. Loni Townsend says:

    I have two instagram accounts–one personal and one for my art–but it’s been forever since I’ve paid either of them any mind. I haven’t had much gumption to draw or post pictures lately.

    You have a cute office! Much brighter than mine.

  3. Mel says:

    Nice job, Lady Caitlin!! I think your author bookends will look stellar in there surrounding your creative works on a pretty shelf!! Just sayin….

  4. Joleene Naylor says:

    Ha ha! I have one for you. Picture it, the internet, 2009. Create Space and KDP are separate things, barely linked by Amazon. So, I have an a Amazon account which I use for KDP using my email. Then I go to CreateSpace and make a new account using my email and, against the world’s recommendations, I use the same password. This should just use the same account, and now adays would. Back then it made two separate accounts – but both were Amazon accounts. So, what happens when you log into the account? It logs in to the second one, and made the first inaccessible. Worse, it is three months before I notice this because at this point ebooks aren’t really much of a thing, so I never need to check my sales. One day an author mentions that she was surprised to see she’d sold an ebook and I think “I wonder if I have?” but I can’t log in to the KDP account because entering that username and password logs me into the CS account. I finally had to call Amazon on the phone, and a representative had to go in and manually change the password on my KDP account to make them two distinct accounts. (And yes, I’d sold 10 ebooks, which was a shock).
    For instagram if you can’t delete one, you can always set one of them to private so it disappears, at least.

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