A Very Happy Holiday

Woops! A day late. Let’s try this again…

I’m going to keep this one short. Mostly because I’m sure you have lots to do this week (it’s Christmas!) but also, I have very little to share. (Actually, that’s not true. I have lots to share, like going to the dentist because my wisdom tooth is trying to kill me, and driving to work with a deflating tire because I didn’t have time to get it patched until the weekend. Oh, yes. Exciting things. But no one wants to hear about that.)

Seriously, all is well. The wisdom tooth hasn’t killed me—THOUGH IT IS TRYING—but that adventure will roll into 2022, so, cross your fingers I survive the nightmare I’ve been putting off for years (and the pain I’ve been ignoring the last few months). My car is fine and Batman pumped it full of air multiple times, but I always have flashbacks to my previous cars dying on me, some in the middle of the interstate. I’m hoping things will be different with Nix.

Book-wise, everything is good. Again, lots to share, but too much for one sit down. Though, I am kinda excited about one thing, and I want to tell you. But then I’m nervous/confused about half a dozen other things, so we’ll just skip the writing segment this week except for one quick little ol’ announcement: Smashwords is having its semi-annual sale, so if you’re interested at reading some pretty A-Okay stories at an even MORE discounted rate, you can do so right here.

*Got to work on sales pitch*

Anyway, wishing you and your family a very happy holiday. We’ll see who wins Christmas this year in our household—me or Batman. Normally, I win with the present exchange, but I’m thinking I’ve done better in previous years. This one was tough. Maybe it’s finally the caped crusaders turn for victory.

We’ll see come Saturday morning.


~ Lady Caitlin

P.S. I’m still totally going to win