Monday Was a Day

Y’all—Monday was a day.

Sunday afternoon had me ridiculously lethargic, and no, not just because I was standing around Walmart while Batman was purchasing a firearm. It’s Walmart—I could literally spend hours picking out things I’d buy when I become a millionaire/better paid in general. But I just couldn’t stand. I wanted to sit or lay down, so my energy level was strange. Then I found out a coworker tested positive. Same coworker I chatted with in close quarters end of last week. Also found out I was sitting in another coworker’s chair who was home sick due to the ‘rona. (No office announcement about the cases…)


I stayed home from work on Monday and Batman joined me—if I had it, he’d likely have it, and could spread to his office. So, we went to the only nearby clinic accepting patients for rapid testing. All other places didn’t have any openings for Monday. We checked in at 10:40 and told it was a 2.5 hour wait. Okay. No worries. We went home, took care of Appa, I did some work, and we returned at 1:15. Another hour or so. We went BACK home, ate some lunch, played with Appa (I did more work…) and then we went BACK again at 2:15 and waited for another thirty minutes. Finally, we were called in, and some Slavic-sounding doctor shoved the world’s largest Qtip up both nostrils. She did the same to Batman and less than an hour later, we found out we were negative.



Well, what the heck is wrong with me? Because, according to her thermometer, I don’t have a fever, but my eyes feel like they’ve been dipped in acid—the same acid currently residing in my throat every time I swallow. Call me old fashioned, but this sounds like a fever to me.

In my frustration of all the back and forth and work emails pinging (I’M SICK!!) I lost my shit on the kitchen sink faucet because it sprays everywhere, I saw tiny bugs (even though I just cleaned) and the darn faucet thingy kept springing back up, making it difficult to tsunami the bugs away so in a brilliant moment of thought, I hit the metal thing with my right hand. You know, the dominant one—the one I’m currently typing with (ouch by the way). Want proof of my idiocy?

Clearly, I lost the battle. The faucet has no bruises, and came off looking the same. I have an injured finger and injured pride, but no Covid, so that’s good.

I actually intended this post to focus on my first DIY project. I could save it for next week, but who knows what adventures await between now and then? Want to see what I did? Well keep reading if so. If not…I don’t know what to tell you…you should probably stop reading now.

For those who are interested: Batman and I bought this nightstand for $20 in a thrift shop. Not needing a nightstand, the idea to make it a plantstand popped right into my brain. So, that’s what I did. After googling how to paint wood furniture, and having Batman assist with the purchases in Home Depot, I set to work, letting the creativity fly! The result?

Fully finished with fake plants purchased from Michael and Old Time Pottery:

Think it looks not-terrible. And I’ll take not-terrible. It was a fun little renovation project, and I’m inspired for my next! Just hoping my finger and pride are restored by then. Also hoping the acid leaves my eyeballs and throat. Very hopefully over here for a lot of things, and that includes you having a stellar week! The more positivity, smiles, and laughing, the more we can change the world from being a giant dick.

~ Lady Caitlin

P.S. Word of advice – don’t punch inanimate objects when you’re frustrated. They always win. Bastards.

One thought on “Monday Was a Day

  1. Joleene Naylor says:

    The DIY looks great – the finger looks painful, and I hope you feel better soon. The pseudo fever happens to me alot, no idea what causes it, but I will swear I have a fever, have the burning eyes, etc. but all thermometers say no. I thought maybe it was something to do with my autoimmune crap, maybe something to do with inflammation, but you don’t have that, so now I don’t know again, LOL! I hope you are better soon!

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