I’m in a Funk

I’m feeling funky.

Wait. Scratch that. That’s not right.

I’m feeling in a funk. In a mood.

Something’s off.

Did Mercury meet up with Venus in retrograde on the wrong side of the moon? I believe in the all the cosmic stuff but don’t understand any of it. Just like chakras. Sometimes it takes me a while to get something, so I’m sure I’ll learn what it all means eventually, but for right now, I just know I’m in a funk.

Or maybe it’s a metamorphosis? I am seeing 5s and, according to numerology—of which I dabble a bit—5s are the number of change, especially triple 5s (what I’m seeing). Typically, the change signifies a large shift like a marriage, job change, or baby. It’s something significant. Well, I’m married, and I don’t plan on any babies, and I’ve had more jobs than I can count, so I’m not sure. But something is off, and there IS a change coming, and I PRAY TO GOD it’s a good one.

I completely forgot yesterday’s post was the IWSG one, so that sucks. I try not to miss those, but Wednesday was NOT my day. Elsa tried to bring her shit, and I had errands that took me out of work and into the storm, only to go back into work to face a multitude of metaphoric fires. Not fun. I should’ve been proactive and written the post prior but again, there’s this funk. I’m feeling all sorts of weird, and it’s messing with my creativity.

I’m still writing no-name. Actually, I have one more chapter to go to finish this first draft of a complete re-write, and then it’s back to the beginning for draft # two. Currently sitting at 117,000 words, this chunky monster will *for sure* need to be edited down—but there’s so much more I want to add! Ah, the joy of writing and editing and rewriting and reediting and hating yourself because all artists do at some point because the work drives us INSANE.

Least we have vices to help. And it’s nice most of them are legal.

Alright, I’m heading back out into the world with this funk. This mood. Wish me luck and try explaining the cosmos to me if you can. I’ll take all the insight I can get.

~ Lady Caitlin

P.S. The highlight on Wednesday was watching Loki. Have you seen this show? I’ve never been a fan of Loki (the character) or Tom Hiddleston much, but watching the show, I can now say I’m fully invested in both.

4 thoughts on “I’m in a Funk

  1. Beth Camp says:

    Hard not to feel a bit funky after this year+ we’ve had that turns everything!!! upside down and sideways. I always feel fortunate that the writing holds all else together. I can’t imagine editing my way through a 100K+ novel. Maybe that’s why I have 4 novels in a series (just finishing the fourth), to break the story into manageable chunks. All I know is that perseverance furthers through each round of editing. And the next round. And the next. May you find a sense of peace and order as you finish (yes, finish) your story.

  2. Joleene Naylor says:

    Hope your mood is lifting. I’ve been in one going on two or three years, now, but I think it might finally be getting better. I love Tom Hiddelston’s Loki! I won’t lie, I never read the comics, so that’s the first I’ve seen of him (my mom did as a kid – she loved Thor and such, but we weren’t allowed comic books because they got “trashy” IDK) and I’m loving the series. Tomorrow’s finale makes me so sad that it’s over already!!

  3. ahtdoucette says:

    I’m finally doing IWSG visits, and I think this totally counts. Hope things get better soon. Also in a bit of a summer funk here. I think it’s the heat where I live and also the life transitions. This too shall pass, probably.

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