Like A Magic Trick

Look at me bumming again. I know—it’s becoming a problem. Yes, most of it is still due to this job WHICH I’VE KEPT FOR TWO MONTHS but Batman and I are quickly starting to become a binge-couple because neither of us have any self-control. He wants ice-cream; I say okay. I say we need candy for the movies; he suggests two boxes instead of one (provides variety, ya know?) So, when either of us find a show that’s even the *least* bit interesting, there goes everything else. We are committed. And we’ve been committed to a few series over the last few weeks because Amazon and Netflix know what’s up, and when they’re all available to stream… (Okay, yes, sometimes this does make me feel bad because it eats into my writing time. Boo! But it’s also time spent with Batman and Appa, and I will never regret spending time with my family.)

I’m saying all this because 1.) I missed last week’s post 2.) I feel bad about missing last weeks post but better owning up to it here, in today’s post 3.) it’s a good Segway into the shows we’ve binged/currently binging and maybe you’ll understand why I’ve been away from the keyboard.

Utopia – when the sequel to a cultishly-popular dark comic book surfaces, so does the main character of the story. Please watch this and let’s discuss. Please. Pretty please.

The Feed – everyone is connected to the internet through an implanted device, giving them instant access to everything, including a mysterious group of hackers with the ability to control people’s bodies. Also excellent, and also will discuss at length. Not even kidding.

Hunters – After his grandmother is killed, a young Jewish man joins a group of Nazi-hunters to help her mission of tracking down hiding Nazis. We are literally one episode in, so I hope this summary is correct.

So, yeah. I’m really proud of myself for getting this post written JUST KNOWING we have another episode of Hunters to watch. The trick is watching that, and then peeling myself from my oh-so-comfy-couch to go write in the office where there are no distractions. But, hopefully, I’ll call out to my muse loud enough to drown out thoughts of the show. It really is like a magic trick.

Well, that’s all for me this week. Still employed. Watching DeNiro kill Nazis. And getting as much writing in as possible. I should probably do something about my check engine light too…

Have a great week!

~ Lady Caitlin signing off

Maybe I’ll Be Less Distracted

I’m a bum. But I’m also a bum with a new job which is why I’m slacking right now. Yesterday was supposed to be my third newsletter. Have I written it? HA. I definitely will, but I’m sure the three people who actually read it (two?) aren’t slamming their fists, demanding it appear in their inbox. So, I don’t feel completely awful about missing it. Only mildly terrible, because it reflects poorly on me, and that just will not do.

But the job. There is one! And I’m still going to it every day, which is why I’ve been slow on the writing up-keep. I’ve also missed communicating in my writer groups and it’s not because I don’t want to or don’t have time—I’m just distracted. Hardcore distracted with all the feels of having a new job. The anxieties of learning: will I understand everything, and what if I don’t? I go through this tidal wave with every new job (and there have been plenty) so it’s odd to say, but I feel so used to this kind of anxiety that I’m not even really feeling it. Like, my nerves are there, but veteran-work-Caitlin is shooing them away, almost mocking their nativity. I’ll be fine. I know I will, because I’ve been fine at all my other jobs (enough to get bored/annoyed enough to leave) so I’ll get over that hump like I always do. It’ll probably be closer to late Summer, so until then, it’s learn-learn-learn to prepare for the training-wheel removal, and then maybe I’ll be less distracted.

Also: I’ve been on the same scene in (still) UNTITLED story for almost a week now. I just finished it last night, and am onto the next one, but Good Lord, that took forever. And surprisingly, it wasn’t a battle! But when I get stuck on a scene, it’s either because something isn’t working or there’s too much real life going on, and thankfully in this situation, it’s the latter.

So, there you have it—all the things happening with me. Oh, and I filed our taxes! Major adult points awarded here because after losing a job and getting married in 2020, I totally expected our turbo tax experience to be a nightmare. But it wasn’t! Actually waaayyy less painful than I thought, so I will take that blessing for sure.

Hope you’ve been well and have an easy (or had an easy) time doing your taxes. Sometimes, when you least expect it, life just gives you a break.

~ Lady Caitlin Signing off

If It’s a Good Story, I’ll Read It # IWSG

I’m going to keep this one short. Mostly because there’s not a lot going on, but also because time got away from me again, and it’s already time to post this. So, might as well write it.

One thing I do have to mention—I went skeet shooting! And I did better than the nothing I assumed I would hit. Out of one hundred, I somehow—magically, MIRACULOUSLY—managed to hit twenty-nine, and I still have no idea how that happened. Still. Like, I’m thinking back on it, and it just doesn’t make sense, because I still don’t know what combination of awesome moves combined to make that possible. But it did, so I’m happy. If you’re wondering what Batman got, just know that he’s a hunter, so he put the rest of our small group to shame. Any guesses? Yeah. Level-kill status. He clocked in at ninety-one clays hit. Yeah. At least I know he’ll protect us in the zombie-apocalypse. And, isn’t that what finding your soul mate is all about?

Onto the IWSG optional question:

Everyone has a favorite genre or genres to write. But what about your reading preferences? Do you read widely or only within the genre(s) you’ve create stories for? What motivates your reading choice?

I do enjoy reading romances more, but I’m interested in good stories. I don’t care of it’s a crime or thriller or mystery or women’s fiction—whatever genre it is, if it’s a good story, I’ll read it. I gravitate towards romance more because I prefer that kind of happiness. I’m not one for scary or creepy, but again, if it’s a good story, hand it over. I want to read it. Whatever it is. Yes. Let’s do it.

Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) is a monthly blog hop for writers at all levels to share their fears and insecurities in a safe and encouraging place. Please drop by and say hi to Alex Cavanaugh who started this nifty concept in bringing us all together.

Everyone enjoy your week! The end of the world could be right around the corner, so practice your skeet shooting (or any shooting) just in case. I mean, you never know.

~ Lady Caitlin signing off