It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Before you ask, I had a great Valentine’s Day. Most of it was spent doing laundry and dishes and checking on Batman who spent a majority of the day in bed due to a slip on Saturday. That’s right. Even the caped crusader himself slips on wet pavement and goes down to the ground hard. Like ouch hard. For most people, this would be at most a painful and somewhat embarrassing event. But Batman has had three back surgeries, so his pain was a little more intense, and lasted longer—pretty much halfway through Sunday which kept him in bed. But he’s okay now. Mostly. Just like the rest of humanity.

So how was your Valentine’s Day? Did you celebrate it? Did you not? I usually don’t ask these questions because I don’t care, because it’s not a real holiday, but since someone signed us up to participate this year, I guess I’ll bite. Tell me of all the holiday things you did. Besides laundry and dishes, we celebrated with small gifts to show how we feel about one another.

Batman’s gifts to me:

My gift to Batman:

As you can see, we love each other to the point of profanity and pop-culture, which I think is the only real way to love someone. There might have been chocolate involved as well, but only because Mamabear mentioned dipped strawberries, and also, most Russell Stover candy boxes are ten bucks or under, so, like, win for the affluently-challenged.

Seriously though, I hope everyone had a great Sunday. And Saturday. And Tuesday. And childhood. I hope everyone had a great childhood. All my hopes and positive vibes for you are year-round and apply to your past, but mostly your future. I’m still employed, Batman’s feeling better, and I love my bracelet and my sexy as sin Handerpants.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

~ Lady Caitlin Signing Off