Let’s Keep This Going

I got my first Valentine’s Day present:

I say first, because Batman said he’s getting me several things, and if this where the bar has been set, then I’m ready to go. Let’s do this Valentine’s Day. (I should note, I have literally *nothing* planned to give to him because unlike him, I am not straying from the no-gifts-other-than-maybe-the-good-chocolate rule that we’ve been respecting for almost a decade now.) But he surprised me with these, and I have to say, I’m in love. (I should also note, I’ve already left them at a friend’s house after modeling them, so do with that information as you will.)

I came very close to missing this post because I kept putting it off, but I only did that because I’m busy rewriting like a MOFO, since once of my beta readers made a comment that caused an absolute epiphany on what I’m doing wrong with my story—and what I could be doing better. So, if you’re one of the few who’ve read my “first draft” of my *still untitled story* my apologies. You were not given the real story, and for that, I will banish my house elf.

The bones are still there, but I’m practically rewriting a majority of the story. But hey, that’s the process. Sometimes you need a little feedback to know you’re been looking at something all wrong. And no, this wasn’t just one comment and magically, I bent the knee to her suggestions. Writers (should) take all critiques with a grain of salt, but this was something echoing in my head that turned into a scream once she brought it up. Even though I don’t have a clear vision of exactly how everything will happen, that doesn’t stop a panster. I’ll figure it out. And I have been, because I’ve already written the first eight chapters, including new POVs.

Yeah, 2021. Let’s keep going, baby. I have my handerpants, a better angle on writing my untitled book, and a new job I’m starting on Monday. Ah, it shall be nice to receive a paycheck again whilst contributing to society, although I feel like I do that every time I walk into Walmart.

This is going to be a good year, guys. I can feel it. And in case you’re wondering (which I know you are) my first newsletter went out without a hitch, meaning—and I can’t stress this enough—I’m not completely stupid with technical things. Still stupid, but I’ll give myself a break since I only went through two or three glasses of wine trying to set up Mailerlite—and it worked!

If you want to sign up, there should be a pop-up at some point. But if that doesn’t happen, let me know and I’ll add you manually, because, I know how to do that.

*dusts off shoulder*

Well, I’m done being lame for today, so until we meet next Wednesday for the IWSG post, enjoy your weekend! I will be, as it shall be my last one before returning to the work force.

God help me.

~ Lady Caitlin Signing off